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Dragon Deluge

Pre-diluvian theology was based on the observance and veneration of the stars, of the sun, the moon, and the zodiac. From its inception it was a stellar religion, an astro-theological gnosis - centered on the celestial pole of Draco.


The first written story linking dragons to deluge is Mesopotamian. But pre-history saw many catastrophes and floods. An extraterrestrial impact, possibly a comet, set off a 1,000-year-long cold spell and wiped out or fragmented the prehistoric Clovis culture and a variety of animals across North America almost 13,000 years ago.

The Clovis impact would have been felt in Europe and around the world. Reversal in the world's ocean currents and associated rapid global cooling caused the extinction of megafauna and the end of the Clovis Period. While generally accepted theory says glacial melting from the North American interior caused the shift in currents, the new proposal points to a large extraterrestrial object exploding above or even into the Laurentide ice sheet north of the Great Lakes. Immediate effects would have been to the north and east (of the impact site), producing shockwaves, heat, flooding, wildfires, and a reduction and fragmentation of the human population.

A Black Sea deluge is dated from 5900 BC to 9500 years ago. Catal Huyuk flourished in 7000 BC. Widespread farming commenced around 4000 BC. Sumeria is dated as early as 5400 BC. with small towns and encampments back to 8000 BC. The Dragon culture travelled and spread cultural ideas. Various groups spread throughout Europe from 6000 to 8000 BC. The glacial-melt flood sent the proto-Scythian and proto-European population migrating.

The suddeness and magnitude of this event, set off by glacial melt, is debated, but the results are not contested. All pre-flood coastal settlements were inundated. Some call it Noah's Flood, but that is more likely associated with the abyssal impact of a comet whose remains are seen in the Indian Ocean in Burckle Crater. This event coincides with the Enuma Elish and Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Enuma Elish, a Mesopotamian creation myth from around 1900 BCE, relates how the primordial waters of Tiamat, ‘she who bore them all,’ and Apsu, ‘their begetter . . . commingle as a single body,’ and thus become the sole matrix from which everything emerges. The verse accompanying the figure heightens the correspondence between the alchemical fountain and the hierogamy that produced all life: ‘We (waters) are the metal’s first nature and only source; the highest tincture of the Art is made through us.’

For uncounted Aeons, mankind witnessed the nightly drama of the heavenly bodies -- the fixed and wandering stars watched back. They rightly held it in awe, as periodically great catastrophes descended to Earth from the heavens. Eventually, an order was deduced from these nightly wanderings. Man sought to magically reflect this heavenly order on Earth and perhaps hold catastrophe at bay. The archetypal Pole of Light was the focus of this spiritually significant primordial observation. The Ouroborous serpent that bites its tail is the Milky Way.

The power behind the veil is the circumpolar Void, sometimes inhabited by a star, sometimes not. We now know the true center of our galaxy is a massive black hole, through which the galaxy consumes itself. Draconian magic is thus a Path into the Abyss to awaken the potential of life force -- initiation to awaken the gnostic seership of pineal vision and latent healing serpent power. It is also a royal bloodline, unbroken from pre-Diluvian times to today. In the beginning of the world, Winged Serpents reigned upon the Earth. These were the demigods which predate the historical civilization of every nation.

The first dragon story on record is found in the Babylonian creation epic, Enuma Elish. First called Labbu by the Sumerians in 3000 BC, this dragon came to be known as Tiamat when that civilization gave way to the Babylonians and their mythologies blended. Broken down, Tiamat’s name means “life-mother,” and this she-dragon was indeed the creator of all. Part animal, part serpent, and part bird, Tiamat, the spirit of chaos. Myths of the gods recount celestial events, including the breakup of a massive comet Encke into many fragments, just like Shoemaker-Levi which hit Jupiter.

Geo-climatologists found a huge climatic change around 3117 BC, called the Piora oscillation. This abrupt change in the climate was probably caused by a massive meteorite swarm (”seven heads and ten horns“), possibly from the break-up of a great comet Encke (”the Red Dragon“) in the inner parts of the Solar system.

Archaeologists have confirmed the presence of a widespread layer of riverine silt deposits, shortly after the Piora Oscillation interrupting the sequence of settlement, that left a few feet of yellow sediment in the cities of Shuruppak and Uruk and extended as far north as Kish.

The recent detected undersea Burckle Crater, 1500 kilometers Southeast of Madagascar could be the abyssal Impact crater of one of the parts of the Typhon. The Comet that crashed into the Sea caused massive rainstorms, Darkness and a huge tsunami with waves more than 200 meters high.

The whole earth seethed, and sky and sea: and the long waves raged along the beaches round and about, at the rush of the deathless gods: and there arose an endless shaking.” (Hesiod, Theogeny).

At that time the Earth was also at the end of a 1500 year climate cycle caused by the Wobble of the Axis of the Earth. This cycle generates Earthquakes, rising of the sea level and a Sudden Change of the Climate. At that time the Earth was highly vulnerable.  The huge impact of Comet Typhon triggered Earthquake-Storms all over the World.

Before the Flood things were very different. The Immortal Gods and the Humans lived for four thousand years between 7.000 BC and 3.000 BC in the Paradise of the Green Sahara The nice climate in the Sahara made it possible that fruits, plants and animals were so plentiful that there was no need to strive.

After 3117 BC the Green Sahara suddenly transformed into a Desert because the weather patterns on Earth changed completely.The survivors of the wandering communities of the hunter/gatherers had to move to more fertile places on Earth. They settled down at the oases in the desert and/or started to attack the groups that were able to live on fertile grounds. The peaceful time of the Green Sahara, paradise, was suddenly disrupted.

About 3000 BC, a shift of power took place in the Near East, as the result of the immigration of large numbers of Semitic & Aryan tribes into the area. Out of  the Green Sahara, Semitic tribes pushed, in several waves, into the area of the Fertile Crescent. These tribes were known by the Mesopotamians as Amurru (meaning “Westerners“).

After the Flood the Shaman of the Hunter/Gatherers were replaced by the priests of the ruling class, the Pharaohs. The priests of Nimrod blocked the connection with the Infinite Potential, created artificial scarcity, introduced the concept of Sin, started to divide and rule and transformed the Story of Maya, the Material World, into a Spiritual Story.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW: The Fractal Field of Resonating Potential

The narrative of the Sky had to be a “rotating” cyclic narrative because the sky was in constant cyclic motion. Ancient tradition states that heavenly locations had earthly counterparts ("As Above, So Below"). The next step was to project this Narrative on the Sky using highly visible stars as a connection point. In the last step the Sky was projected unto Earth again.

Megaliths (”giant standing stones“, “menhirs“) and related constructions such as cairns and dolmens (chambers of stone), tumuli and barrows (ancient earthworks) and henges and circles were built by ancient man for purposes of Astronomy and Geodetics. Anyone having knowledge of the heavenly stars could thus find his way around on Earth by means of the megaliths, which served both as boundaries and landmarks.

When we measure the Earth in Egypt the number 26,400 miles appears which is the number of Years the Precession of the Equinox takes.  A mile in distance upon the earth equals one year of precession, and one degree of distance on the earth, a 360th part of the circumference equals 72 years of Precession of Equinox. In Precession solar and galactic intentionality align.

The ancient Scientists not only created a highly advanced Navigation System and a Calendar,  they also Mapped this System to a metric system of Earth. This System was just like the Calendar and the Navigation System implemented all over the world.  To Rule efficiently you have to Standardize to predict the future.

One of most important Cycles is called the Etanic Cycle In a 780 year period the earth wobbles above the equator to a max of (4) degrees, then wobbles back below the equator to a max of (4) degrees. The full cycle take 1560 years. The 1560 year wobble can be broken down into the four quadrants of 390 years, and to the Mayan Calendar eighth part of 130 years.

The constant movement by Earth above and below the equator shifts the exposure of different areas of the planet to annual sun light. It also generates a lot of Tectonic Stress (Earth Quake Storms) from the planet’s core to its surface.

The Etanic Cycle has a huge influence on the Climate. Climate changes shift populations of humans and herds all around the Globe. To Rule the World you have to know when the Big Troubles are Coming.

The year 3117 BC was a special year not only because of the special alignment of Sun and Earth. There are 5280 Feet to the Mile. This number is 0ne fifth of the duration of the Precession Cycle. The periodicity of the well-known Economic Kondratiev Cycle is 5280/100=52.8 years.


The number Five is a very important number. It is the number of the Pentangle and the Quintessence (Chi, Ether, Prana). Five is the Number of the Center. The Ancient Scientists divided the Precession Cycle into Five Stages. The Stage that started at 3117 BC was the last Phase before a new Golden Age would start. It was the Fifth Age of the Precession. 3117 BC was the start of Human Civilization. It was the time of the Establishment of the Old Kingdom, the first Writing in Sumeria, and the first Stellar Observation Systems. The Hindu Kali Yuga (‘The Dark Age“) begins at this time as well.

Syncretism is the belief that the majority of the world’s religions can all be reconciled; that what they have in common is more than what they do not. Within syncretism is a feeling of harmony, unity, and overall love. Syncretism is not a modern belief, it was shared by ancient cultures – the most well-known being the cross-over gods between the Egyptians and Greeks and also the Celts and Romans.

They didn’t see anything wrong with this as either their beliefs, teachings, or their blood told them their gods are of the same origin. Some believe all gods originated from Africa, others the Middle East, and others yet from the Proto-Indo European. Put the cultures of these regions on a timeline and you’ll see that all of the above are right, they just represent different evolutionary periods through early pre-history.


Dragon Tracks - Precession Paradigm

The prime paradigm of each era is that of its Age. We might look at our emergent "apocalyptic" meme era as the Age of Revealing -- hopefully an era of more lucid understanding. On December 25, 3117 B.C. a total solar eclipse was visible at Sunrise at the Winter Solstice point, in the era of the global Dragon culture. This date is the Beginning of the Mayan Calendar. It is also the start of the Reign of Me-Sin or Menes, the first Pharaoh King that united Egypt.

The beginning of the new calendar marks the most important Geophysical Event of the past five millennia, the Great Flood.  One of the causes of the Great Flood could be a close encounter of the earth with the comet, Typhon the Dragon.

Dragons are real and the basis of scientific priesthood and royal lineage. The sacred past is a story of sacred dragon or serpent worship. The triangular Dragon Book is essentially a magical astonomical text. Civilization was originally rooted in ancient prehistoric observations of the order of the stars. It tracked time and created calendars, and most importantly allowed predictions of eclipses rooted in the GREAT CYCLE of PRECESSION of the Zodiac, the serpentine ring of the Ecliptic.

The Center of the Universe, the Pole Star, as the most important point in the Universe. The Pole Star, the Hole in the Centre, was the entrance to the Other Worlds. Megalithic temples are tuned to this Great Cycle drama in the heavens. The "tuning and untuning of the sky" is an actual astronomical occurrence.

The Center of the Universe is not fixed. It moves around in a circle counter the Circle of the Zodiac. The Movement of the Center is called the Precession of the Equinox, and takes about 26,400 years. This movement was already known before the Great Flood occured.  Plato called it the Great Year, and each of its "months" is a sign of the Zodiac.

Some 6,500 years ago the position of the equinoctial sun was aligned with the band of the Milky Way. This provided an obvious celestial alignment, occurring twice a year on the equinoxes, when the sun would conjunct the Milky Way -- the Bridge Out of Tim -- opening the way out of the plane of the living (the zodiac) and up to the cosmic center and source in heaven. A "breaking asunder" occurred when this great cosmogonic picture began to precess out of alignment. Presumably, the "untuning of the sky" coincided with increasing social tension, leading to greater collective confusion and our descent into history. 

The earth either wobbles in what is known as the Precession of the Equinox or orbits in a binary star system with the same observable result. This wobble take approximately 25,800 years to go from a beginning point and return to that point. But the earth doesn't really return to the exact point in space because of at least two other factors, the perihelion precession and the obliquity of the ecliptic. Simply put, The Sun appears (as viewed from the earth) to move backward through the stars at the rate of about 1 degree every 72 years.

Key numbers of Babylonian-Sumerian mathematics (including the sixty-based system still being used) were derived from astronomical observations, and yield the traditional estimate of precession: 108 x 4 x 60 = 25,920 years.The Cycle of the Precession was divided into twelve parts of 2200 years and related to the Zodiac. With every movement into a new part of the Zodiac, society was completely reorganized to the theme of the Sign of the Zodiac.


The huge precessional clock does not stop. The axis of the earth slowly changes its orientation in space - either directly due to a precession of earth's polar axis or indirectly as a result of our entire solar system moving around a point x in space. Earth is like a gyroscope. Earth is suppose to precess opposite to its direction of rotation. The period of its complete precession cycle is said to take about 25,800 years.

During this Great Year time period, Earth supposedly goes through one retrograding rotation relative to the inertial system of the fixed stars. An additional time interval of one year of about 365 days must occur simultaneously. But since this time interval cannot be substantiated by actual time measurement, the theory of the Earth's precession does not have a proven scientific foundation. But it was accepted by all cultures in antiquity.

Hamlet's Mill describes a cycle within the precessional shifting of the crossroads of ecliptic and equator. An archetypal triangle, a Grand Trine, is associated with Precession: the Trigon of the Great Conjunction. The revolution of that Trigon is built up by "Great Conjunctions" of Saturn and Jupiter. This Trigon of Great Conjunctions is an instrument by which one could "narrow down" the almost imperceptible tempo of the Precession. To move through the whole zodiac, one of the angles of the Trigon need approximately 3 x 794 1/3 = 2383 years. That comes tolerably near to one double-hour of the greatest "day" of the Precession of 25,900 years.

The Zodiac moved from Virgo to Leo (10.000 BC), from Cancer (8700 BC, Scarab, Kheper) to Gemini (6593 BC, Twins, the Two Kingsdoms), From Taurus (Bull, 4435 BC) to Aries (Ram, 2277 BC, Shepherd, Sheep, Khnum) and from Aries to Pisces (Fish, 155 BC) and is now moving into Aquarius. The Story of Religion also moved with the Signs of the Zodiac. A new zodiacal sign was termed to "rise" starting from the day of a great conjunction at the place of the "passage." Our own era, the Age of Pisces, started with a great conjunction in Pisces, in the year 6 B.C..

The identification of an "age" with a particular zodiac constellation is based on the sun's position during the vernal equinox. Before 2000 BC, the Sun could have been seen against the stars of the constellation of Taurus at the time of vernal equinox [had there been an eclipse]. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, on average every 2,160 years the Sun appears against the stars of a new constellation at vernal equinox. The current astrological age started when the equinox precessed into the constellation of Pisces, in about the year 150 BC, with the "Age of Aquarius" starting in AD 2600. 

The myth of the Eternal Return is real. Precession takes roughly 26,000 years for a cycle about the ecliptic pole. The ecliptic North Pole corresponds to the Sun's North Pole. It is the pole of the path the Sun traces about the Earth in the course of the year. The placement of Draco focuses on the Sun, so spiritually the Dragon is associated with worship of the Sun.

Dragons that 'fought with the Sun' probably described the celestrial upheaval of large fearsome comets that streaked across the sky with their long tails. They appeared cyclically and broke up upon nearing the sun, some of which collided with Earth. Eclipses were also considered celestial battles between the dark and light. In ancient times the cataclysmic forces of nature were personified as a great cosmic dragon or serpent. 

Many ancient mythologies, and many god-like characters who appear in world myth, owe their existence to cosmic disasters that occurred in our solar system and which were witnessed by the inhabitants of the Earth. The cataclysmic events (involving comets and exploding planets) were permanently archived in what we nowadays refer to as the "collective unconscious."

Dragons were deeply etched in the racial memory of all mankind. Draco in Latin, the Egyptians called the constellation Tanem, the Hebrews called it Tannim, and in Aramaic its name is Tannin. The ancient root, Tan- has been wrongly translated in the Bible as whale instead of dragon. Early astrologers believed that when a comet was located in the head of the dragon, that poison was scattered all over the world. 

Decoding the sky meant connecting the dots of the starry constellations, making star maps, reproducing that heaven on earth in the form of sacred sites, and embodying it in sacred royal lineage. The most ancient lines are symbolically related to the circumpolar constellation Draco, the great Dragon or "crooked" Serpent (Babylonian Sir). The winged serpent was a symbol of the Gods of Egypt, Phoenicia, China, Persia, and Hindustan.

The serpent is set in the symbol of the "Chalice," or downward pointing triangle, that has long been a womb symbol. In the Far East, this symbol is known as the Yoni. The word "one" derives from this word denoting the female womb.

The title-page of THE DRAGON BOOK mimics this Dragon in the downward-pointing triangle and describes magic, treasures and immortality. Ritual swallowing by the snake in the underworld led to the symbolic return to the embryonic state, rejuvination and rebirth in the mystery schools.

Roughly 3000 BC, the heavens revolved around the Great Dragon, and so did earthly civilization.  Dragons became synonymous with immortality because the celestial dragon was exempt from the cycle of time and because the dragon lineage did not die but was preserved in the noble bloodline. The point of circumpolar rotation, inhabited by the star Thuban or not, became the "Eye of the Dragon". The stars were the witnesses or watchers - the seers. Egyptian rulers wore the Uraeus serpent (Wadjet) as their crown symbol of sovereignty (serpent of life), a link to the celestial Ouroborous.

The serpent cult worshipped the esoteric or inner sun, manifested as the biophotonic energy body. This inner light is the realization of our own connection to the greater universe, of our own inner balance and our own growth toward attune to or resonance with the world around us. It is also the part of ourselves and our outer world, which gives life, sustains and gives growth. The dragon and serpent cults inspired megalithic monuments, global dragon and serpent mounds. The most ancient initiatory and healing symbols, the circumpunct, a dot within a circle and/or a cross within a circle symbolize this inner sun.


The accepted theory that the serpent is evil cannot be substantiated. It has long been viewed as the emblem of immortality. It is the symbol of reincarnation, or metempsychosis, because it annually sheds its skin...It was also believed that snakes swallowed themselves, and this resulted in their being considered emblematic of the Supreme Creator, who periodically reabsorbed His universe back into Himself. In "Isis Unveiled," H. P. Blavatsky makes this significant statement concerning the origin of serpent worship: "Before our globe had become egg-shaped or round it was a long trail of cosmic dust or fire-mist, moving and writhing like a serpent. This, say the explanations, was the Spirit of God moving on the chaos until its breath had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its month--emblem of eternity in its spiritual and of our world in its physical sense" - Manly Palmer Hall (The Secret Teachings of All Ages)

The figure of Eve is based upon much older mythology and may be traced back to the ancient Mother Goddess or World Mother and the serpent cults of the pre-Biblical period. Closer examination of the name ‘Eve’ revealed her serpent origins, for the Hebrew for Eve is havvah, meaning ‘mother of all things,’ but also ‘serpent.’ Likewise, the Arabic words for ‘snake,’ ‘life,’ and ‘teaching,’ are closely related to the word or name “Eve’ – Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn (The Serpent Grail)

The priests of the Mysteries were symbolized as a serpent, sometimes called Hydra...The Serpent Kings reigned over the earth. It was these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery Schools which later appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin Mysteries...The serpent was their symbol...They were the true Sons of Light, and from them have descended a long line of adepts and initiates - Manly Palmer Hall

The Uraeus is a serpent issuing forth from the forehead of many gods being also an ornament of the royal crowns...The amulet of the serpent head is the symbol of the goddess Isis who is often represented by a serpent – Karel Weinfurter (Man’s Highest Purpose)

Dragon history is extensive and wide-spread, as almost every mythology has unique styles of dragon. The Sumerian word for dragon is "ushum". Chinese dragons date back to around 5,000 BCE. The Chinese believed that they were the "decendants of the dragons," too. Like comets, they could rise to the heavens or go to the bottom of the seas. Like Mesopotamian and Egyptian rulers, Chinese emperors were said to be sons of the dragons and wore special robes. The sign of the celestial dragon could only be worn by the emperor, and it was the sign of the ultimate power.

Japanese dragons are also linked to natural disasters. Floods were said to be commonly caused by Japanese dragons who were offended by mortals. The also were producers of the storms, and they were water-granting and water-producing creatures. In addition, heavenly dragons gaurded the palace of the gods. The earth dragons decided the course of the rivers, and the spiritual dragons bring the blessed rains. There were also the gaurdians of earthly treasures.

Egyptian dragons were both good and evil. In Egyptian history Osiris entered the serpent and emerged reborn and invigorated, and our European and American ancestors mimicked this belief. In all cases it was the wisdom of the serpent, which gave the strength to empower the individual to move on in life, as if born again. The dates of Egyptian myths vary, but they tend to be within 3,000 BCE and 2,000 BCE. The foremost dragon of Egypt is Apep. He has many other names, including the sea serpent. Holding a grudge against Ra, the sun god, Apep attempted to swallow him every night as he made his trip through the underworld. When he succeeded, an eclipse occured.

In contrast to Apep, there is Mehen, a serpent-dragon. Often, Mehen is depicted coiled around the Boat of the Sun, which Ra traveled upon nightly. He was a protectorate of Ra. Ra also encountered the Guardians of the Gates of the Underworld on his journey. Serpents were also known to watch the dead. Such were the laculi, the Egyptian Winged Serpent,  which can often be found on the tombs of the departed. There was also Wadjet, who was also a symbol of rulership in addition to being a guardian. Often, Pharoahs would have her symbol upon their crowns.

The foremost Babylonian tale is Tiamat and Apsu, and they were the waters. Apsu was the sweet water while Tiamat was the salt waters, and together they created the gods. After a great struggle, Marduk emerged victorious over Tiamat and her monsters. He gathered all the monsters within his fish nets, and he cut Tiamat in half. With one half, he created the Earth; with the other he created the Heavens.

Epic of Gilgamesh, the most famous Babylonian tale, dates to 2000 BCE. In this Epic, the dragon known as Humbaba appears. Humbaba was a sort of dragon-mix, being that he had the body of a lion, but it was covered with horned scales. His claws and feet were that of a vulture, and his tail ended with the head of a snake. In addition, he had the horns of a bull on his head and walked upright.

Ophite (serpent worshiping) temples of Syria serpent worshippers were known as Hivites (linked with the root word hivvah which from which came the biblical name of Eve, equated with "female serpent"). In India serpent deities are known as the Naga.  The physical snake renews and sloughs its skin and is thought to prevent and cure disease. The knowledge of amazing regenerative properties of the various parts of the snake have been discovered in hundreds of ancient medica materia, alchemical texts and hidden within folklore. The Native American medicine wheel echoes the circumpunct cross within a circle.

Somewhere around 250 AD, the Quetzalcoatl became a very important god to the Mayans and Aztecs. He did many things, and operated also under the names of Kukulkan, Ehecatl, and The Lord of the Dawn.

Serpent Mounds were subterranean passages that terminated at the ‘root of heaven’ – referred to as a ‘snake’s hole’ while snake heaven was Patala. Votan was only allowed entry because he was ‘the son of a snake’ from which we can infer he was an initiate in the serpent cult. 

The venom of the snake was used as an Elixir to help prevent disease through boosting the immune system with high levels of protein. And secondly mixing the neurotoxic venom with the blood of the snake or mammalian host such as a horse brings on altered states of consciousness much akin to certain drugs used by shaman across the world from ancient times. Visions of ‘otherworlds’ seen in such trances are often depicted as tombs, wombs or caves, within which sometimes benevolent, sometimes terrible, serpents are encountered.

In any discussion of serpent wisdom we cannot fail to also mention the ancient Hindu Kundalini practice. Kundalini means simply "coiled serpent" and in the Indian system the ida and pingala energy (through serpent channels) are raised up and down the spine to raise the consciousness of the adept. The
dual serpentine caduceus is known to all health practitioners the world over.

Daemon Est Deus Inversus

(Latin) Daemon is divinity inverted; more commonly, the Devil is God inverted. An ancient Hermetic, and later Qabbalistic, aphorism referring to that polar power which is required by the equilibrium and harmony in nature. The One, when manifested, becomes Two, and from the Two are unfolded or evolved all the sequence of manifest existence. Spirit and matter, good and evil, as distinct conceptions exist only by their mutual contrast. There is no evil per se, but the human notion of essential evil arises from our inability to take in the whole at a single glance.

Daemon is applicable in general to all formative power, from the highest to the lowest; in this aphorism it denotes the formative rays in their manifestation in and on the lower planes of prakriti, called by contrast the nether pole. Western monotheism, having anthropomorphized the higher creative powers into a personal God, personified the lower powers into a Devil and demons.

But Satan or the Adversary is only God's messenger, because what is below reflects what is above. This aphorism, then, states that all the manifested universe is the representation or material inversion or reflection of the divine essence and its emanations which in their aggregate compose the spiritual background and causal forces of the universe. Furthermore, a reflected image reverses.

Finally, the aphorism denotes the astral light, represented by a black triangle inverted on a white (SD 1:424).

Brainiac Gene http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_14932330



Timing the rite to the 2012 Eclipses and Winter solstice.

According to alchemical cosmology, all of creation arises from a fundamental source of energy and consciousness known as Chaos. This vast unmanifest, void of any form, gives rise to two primary forms of expression: one active, or energy, and the other passive, or matter. [...] These two forms of fundamental energy, active and passive, then give rise to subdivisions within themselves, forming the four elements as we know them. These elements recombine to form the three essentials of alchemy. (Sulfur, Mercury and Salt) [...] Finally, it is through the alchemist's manipulation of these three essentials, separating them back into their principal parts and reassembling them, that he or she may undertake the alchemical work and achieve the Philosopher's Stone. -- Path of Alchemy
The Stone (or Elixer, or Quintessence) is the result of separation and recombination (Solve et Coagula) of the active and passive forms of the Spirit, the "primordial form of energy-consciousness that is utilized in magical rituals as well as in alchemy." It is symbolized by an eight-spoked wheel.

There is a hidden constellation of the zodiac known as Ophiuchus/Serpentarius, and it is located between Saggitarius and Scorpio, and directly opposite of Orion (It is sometimes called the "13th constellation" though not strictly #13 in the correct order.). Both names refer to the man as a serpent-bearer; he holds onto the constellation Serpens. His body cuts the serpent into two parts: Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda. The body of the serpent also divides the man's extremeties into two.

Ophiuchus has one foot on the back of Scorpio (which is also a serpent), and one foot in the river of the Milky Way, just above the galactic central point. I think this resembles Tarot card #17, The Star, where a woman has one foot on land and one in the water. These two "paths" represent the two paths to the Philosopher's Stone/Holy Grail, the wet way and the dry way. The Path of the Alchemist makes the association in the card of The Lovers, #6, as representing the two paths of alchemy. And of course the marriage is between the Moon, #18, the White Stone and Wet Way, and the Sun, #19, the Red Stone and Dry Way.

The Dry Way is usually described as being the much faster path to the Stone. The feet of Ophiuchus also resemble the images where a victorious figure has one or both feet on a serpent or dragon representing his lower nature which has been conquored. Ophiuchus' right foot rests on the center of the galaxy, a region of birth/creation and death/destruction, and as symbolized by the serpent ouroboros, resurrection/immortality. The constellation of Ophiuchus was once called The Coffin. The caduceus of Hermes/Mercury is the zodiac sign for this constellation.

Draco [from Greek drakon dragon] The dragon; a northern circumpolar constellation, within which is the pole of the ecliptic. But the name seems to have had different applications at different times and places; we hear it spoken of as a vast constellation extending through seven signs of the zodiac; also as the seven-headed Draco, each of whose heads is a star of Uras Minor; and again as the pole star. Draco was a symbol of the good serpent, the Messiah of the Naaseni.

Dracontia Temples dedicated to the Dragon -- emblem of the sun, of life, wisdom, and cycles -- once covered the globe. All that remains are those colossal upreared monoliths, or combinations of monoliths, seen at Stonehenge, Carnac, and other places. The Serpent Mounds, such as those in Ohio, symbolize the same thing. Besides being mute historic witnesses of a knowledge of the mysteries of the cosmic or mundane serpent, these temples were used as means of divination by the priests who understood their secrets.

Dragon [from Greek drakon, serpent, the watchful] Known to scholarship as a mythical monster, a huge lizard, winged, scaly, fire-breathing, doubtless originating in the memory of an actual prehistoric animal. Dragon is often synonymous with serpent. The dragon and serpent, whether high or low, are types of various events in cosmic or world history, or of various terrestrial or human qualities, for either one can at different times signify spiritual immortality, wisdom, reimbodiment, or regeneration. In the triad of sun, moon, and serpent or cross, it denotes the manifested Logos, and hence is often said to be seven-headed.

As such it is in conflict with the sun, and sometimes with the moon; but this conflict is merely the duality of contrary forces essential to cosmic stability. The dragon itself is often dual, and it may be paired with the serpent, as with Agathodaimon and Kakodaimon, the good and evil serpents, seen in the caduceus. Again the dragon is two-poled as having a head and a tail, Rahu and Ketu in India, commonly described as being the moon's north and south nodes, the moon thus being a triple symbol in which a unity conflicts with a duality.

A universal myth is that of the sun god fighting the dragon and eventually worsting it, which represents the descent of spirit into matter and the eventual sublimation of matter by spirit in the ascending arc of evolution. There are Bel (and later Merodach) and the dragon Tiamat in Babylonia and with the Hebrews; Fafnir in Scandinavia; Chozzar with the Peratae Gnostics; among the Greeks Python conquered by Apollo and the two serpents killed by Hercules at his birth; the fight between Ahti and the evil serpent in the Kalevala; and many other such stories.

In the Christian Apocalypse the dragon plays a great part, often misinterpreted as evil just as Satan or the Devil has been imagined as the foe of divinity and humanity. Cosmologically, all dragons and serpents slain by their adversaries are the unregulated or chaotic cosmic principles bought to order by the spiritual sun gods or formative cosmic powers. The dragon is the demiurge, the establisher or former of our planet and of all that pertains to it -- neither good nor bad, but its differentiated aspects in nature make it assume one or the other character.

The dragon symbol, then, is both cosmic and human in its applications: it may stand for powers of nature, which first overcome man, but which he must eventually overcome, as well as the monad atma-buddhi, which through the manasic principle seeks imbodiment, but needs the help of the still lower principles in order to effect a union with the principles of earth.

Cosmologically analogies are drawn between the north polar constellation Draco and one or the other of the great floods, and the word dragon is sometimes used to denote such a flood; for the position of this constellation relative to that of the earth's axis of rotation is intimately connected with cataclysms. The dragon in its higher or superior sense means among other things divine wisdom, especially where the serpent is used for terrestrial wisdom; and adepts or initiates were frequently called dragons. The dragon may be the symbol of a cycle; and the sevenfold dragon may mean the seven minor cycles in a great cycle.

Dragon of Wisdom Commonly an adept, one of the wise; also popularly a skilled magician -- whether of the right or left path. Referring to the earliest stages of cosmogony, dragon is a term often used for the sun in its various cosmologic functions, also for the One or Logos. An important significance of the phrase is that the real initiator of humanity, or of the individual neophyte, is the person's own higher ego.



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