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N=50, V=6 & Stonehenge Mandalog, by Iona Miller, 1981, Aion Magazine
Precession 2012, Stonehenge, Book of the Law, Ancient Metrology, Number Dynamics

Stonehenge & Cosmic Order
METROLOGY - Megalithic Number Canon: Stonehenge represents the womb of Nuit (56), the Ouroborous Serpent of the Milky Way with the constellation Draco and the Celestial Pole at the center of the inner circle. Stonehenge is an example of ancient measurement and fractional integration, including a solar-lunar calculator marking Dragon's Head & Tail, 56-year cycle of eclipses and Solstice points. The movement of stones once each year from an initial fixed position allows accurate [rediction og every important lunar event for hundreds of years. This computer would need resetting about once every 300 years by advancing the stones by one space.
 N=50  V=6
by Iona Miller, ©1981-2010


24. I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty.
25. Divide, add, multiply, and understand.
--Crowley, The Book of the Law

Cosmic Cycles of Creation & Destruction

Ancient metrology is linked to measurement of the matrix of Creation and time with "sacred" numbers: periodicity, geographical measurement (surveying), lunar orbital cycles, the solar year, planetary cycles, and the ages-long cycle of Precession through the Zodiac that changes the celestial pole over vast periods of time. It is the lost science of measuring the Earth and the right-angled Lunation Triangle (ratio 3:2).

There is a missing link between geometry and metrology.  Twenty-eight is the minimal number of circular markers used to describe the related cycles of sun and moon. Doubled to 56 it is a minimalistic system that can be used to predict eclipses and the 12-13 new moons of the solar year. This ancient astronomical wisdom based on pure number ratios and hidden properties of numbers is over 5000 years old. For example, multiples of 108 form the basis of Indian time measurement, the Yugas and Ages.

Cosmology, horizon-based astronomy, astrology, architecture, navigation, geography, geometry, mathematics, timekeeping, writing, proportion in art, and musical notation were all related to numerical canon .  The ancients encoded their knowledge of the world in their sacred monuments and texts as an esoteric code of numbers, formulas, and proportion.

Ancient state temples may have functioned as permanent repositories of standards of measures.  Gods, (to whom the temples were dedicated) had characteristic numbers, from which they were indistinguishable.  (In our example, 108, the Universe is also the god Brahma.)  Numbers expressed qualities, not just quantities.

In the old beliefs, this code, (whose true source is lost in prehistoric antiquity),  is always alleged to have a divine origin, from the gods or a god-like man.  Lore relating to sacred words or phrases arose, because letters and numbers were interchangable or alphanumeric. The code arises naturally from the inherent structure of arithmetic.  This code emphasized certain key numbers, which were seized upon by different cultures.

Prime numbers figure prominently in the measuring and numerical canons of ancient and modern times.  Ancient metrology is the science whose evidence is encoded in the sacred dimensions of such cosmic image models as the Pyramids and Stonehenge, earthly monuments oriented to the heavens.  The numerical code lies behind the layouts of temples and cities and systems of measuring time.

In fact, metrology was the basis for development of both philosophic and scientific attitudes.  The divine order of the universe was the central idea of the ancient world, and all belief-systems were enmeshed with it.  Metrology provided the foundation of the systematic rational vision of the world.  Cosmic order embodied in metrology was the fundamental aspect of ancient thought.  Number mysticism was the essential basis of most of their knowledge.

Of course, information about the Universe has always been there, but its availability is limited to those prepared to receive or decode it.  Ancient cosmologies were not only models of the physical universe, but representations of a universal mathematical archetype.  The numerical canon revealed correspondences between different orders of natural phenomena.  Metrology included sacred units for measuring the Universe, units of time, space, weight, and mass (or volume).

In ancient times, the Universe meant the observable Universe. For Pythagorean and Platonist thinkers, the patterns of numerical relationships which occur in the processes of arithmetic and geometry were considered the formative influences behind all of nature's phenomena.  Numerical patterns were detected in the manifestations and dynamics of nature. Behind this is a philosophy of numbers which express universal relationships.

Although usually superceded by practical arithmetic, there is much to learn from the study of the relationship of number and form.  The essence of all matter is dynamic relationships.  Number is the 'first paradigm,' the basic ordering principle of nature.

Many so-called "key numbers of the Solar System" are involved, because key numbers have always stood out for their unique properties.  The ancients discovered them through aeons of empirical observations of cosmic cycles.  They were capable of observing long-term effects, (such as the precessional cycle), with horizon-based astronomy.  Their observations of the divine order were central to the core of their civilizations.

Ancient metrology does provide a clue to what numbers might be interesting to investigate.  Syndex II follows the clues by using direct observation, rather than interpretation of what is there to be seen.  It requires no ancient, alien, or mystical source, no occult doctrine or arcane secret, no ideology.  It predicts no "end time."  It is simply a graphically revealed "truth."

In Syndex, numbers do not have values according to historical significance or preconceived ideas.  Rather, numbers speak for themselves since numerical progressions are often related by geometry and can graphically display their own qualities.  The synergetic aspect of Syndex is showing how the first perfect number six interacts with the prime numbers, and how numbers relate to one another in discrete systems, which have relationships to one another. More: http://syndex2.iwarp.com/whats_new.html


Circular Unity

Aleister Crowley, in Liber NV, proceeded to divide, add, multiply and understand, disclosing relationships of 50 and 6 to one another:

“4. Consider of six and fifty that 50 divided 6 = 0.12 [sic]
0 the circumference, Nuit.
. the center, Hadit.
2 the world of illusion.
Nuit thus comprehends All in None.
Also 50+6= 56 = 5+6=11. the key of all Rituals.
And 50x6=300, the Spirit of the Child within.”

In the l Commentaries of Al Crowley corresponds Nuit with matter and Hadit with motion “in their full physical sense “. If we pursue this correspondence in Physics, Nuit and Hadit may be seen to disclose the relationship of a field to a form of radiant wave propagation. Wave mechanics is an important fundamental from cosmological levels (Cult of the Infinite Without) to sub-atomic levels (Cult of the Implicate Within). As Above, So Below.

Matter is usually described as varying states of fluidity, going from a particle state to a wave, and then back again. David Bohm, in Wholeness and the Implicate Order, states that “ Every physical situation is now characterized by wave function”. Since motion can be described as a complex wave interaction ( or interference pattern ), an understanding of wave phenomena in a field is fundamental for a contemporary view of the Universe.

This understanding is critical for establishing one's world view, or connection of “things-as-they-are”, and remaining consistent with current scientific research. Toward this end, we may examine the natural number sequence (integers) as a qualitative field, not merely as a quantitative series.

Nuit, as the number 56, has a relationship with all numbers:

“Nuit comprehends ALL....”

Further amplification of this relationship may be graphically represented by a spiral array of numbers along 56 radii to form the mandala shown below. Joining the 56 equidistant points on the circumference yields a 56 facet circularity.

1. This is obviously a typographical error in Equinox VII; p.14, Liber XI or Liber NV. It should read 6 divided by 50 = 0.12.

6. Meditate upon Nuit as the Continuos One resolved into None and Two as the phases of her being.

This quote from Liber XI (“Continuous One”); Two could be connected to an emergent reflection sequence where the halves of the circle mirror one another.

Had is self defined as motion by the statement, “...for it is I that go.” Had is all pervasive in the number field.

Mass is neither a wave or particle in that it is continually moving from one state into the other. Hadit, then, should be symbolized as a static point  (Crowley), but rather as a dynamic, vortex Motion. This viewpoint is consistent with current models of Quantum Mechanics.

Hadit should not be visualized as a “point” in space because how can one pin down in space something which, by definition, occupies no space. Therefore, Crowley`s attribution of the decimal point to Hadit as the center is somewhat antiquated.

Hadit and Nuit are inseparable. Nuit is the underlying field through which Hadit moves. If  the field potential were non-existent, Hadit could not move. There would be no matrix.

Examination of the process described from The Book of the Law yields several important relationships between numbers, which may be seen as forming a “living body” of Nuit:

Rational Pi

I. “Divide” : Divide a circle into 56 equal parts, the 56 radii of the proposed mandala. The reciprocal operation divides;

56 divide 360 = 0.31111111

A circle with 56 equal units to its faceted circumference has a diameter of 18 equal units, yielding rational pi ;

56 divide 18 = 3.1111111 = “rational pi”

Rational pi makes the perimeter of the circle an integral number of the times the length of the radii. Rational pi is involved in the essential structure of number.

3.1111111 divide 2520 = 0.001234567

II. “Add”: Adding the sum of the first nine multiples of 56 yields the first number divisible by  all base digits: 2520.




The equation 7 x 360 = 2520 shows an important relationship of seven to the circumference of a circle and to the inherent structure of number. There are numbers with interesting properties which may be found by adding columns from the table of sevens.

  1    07    014   028   056    112
  2    14    028   056   112    224
  3    21    042   084   168    336
  4    28    056   112   224    448
  5    35    070   140   280    560
  6    42    084   168   336    672
  7    49    098   196   392    784
  8    56    112   224   448    896
  9    63    126   252   504  1008

   315 630 1260 2520 5040

   513 036 0621 0252 0405 Added to their reversal

   828 666 1881 2772 5445 from reflective numbers

These products, which read the same forward and backward, are part of the binomial reflection sequence. That these numbers have peculiar qualities has been know since ancient times. Buckminster Fuller refers to them as Scheherezade numbers as they figured prominently in the 1001 tales of the Arabian Nights.

These mathematical operations demonstrate certain rhythmical configurations inherent in the natural number sequence. Movement through them may be viewed as a wave or pulse. The reflective numbers themselves may be seen as a particle phase as the wave/particle moves in quantum leaps.

Examination of the numbers show interesting integers recurrent in QBL. These numbers are considered significant in many of the worlds philosophical systems. As the universes of philosophy and mathematics coincide, one begins to perceive the field underlying them, a pattern is becoming recognizable.

III. “Multiply”: The binomial reflection sequence is also shown by multiples of 56. This reflection sequence is bounded by the number 2520. When numbers, spiraled along 56 radii, are graphically represented,  they form a visual example of the Formula of Nuit, 0=2. The coded pattern reverses itself at the midpoint, 1260, and forms its perfect reciprocal reflection. The graphic design mirrors itself precisely (see Synchrograph A below).


Binomial Reflection Sequence
    1            9 x 56 = 0504                  909
    2          18 x 56 = 1008                 9009
    3          27 x 56 = 1512                 3663
    4          36 x 56 = 2016                 8118
    5          45 x 56 = 2520                 2772
    6          54 x 56 = 3024                 7227
    7          63 x 56 = 3528               11791
    8          72 x 56 = 4032                 6336
    9          81 x 56 = 4536               10890
  10         90  x 56 = 5040                 5445
  11         99  x 56 = 5544                 9999
69296  = 32

We may examine NV = 56 by the equation 7 x 8 = 56 . This equation is important in the magickal tradition because:

(a). Connecting every 7th radii forms the 8- pointed Star of Regeneration, a symbol of the unity of the Spirit. It also forms an octagon, the symbol for the central shrine of the transformed self.

(b). Connecting every 8th radii forms the 7 pointed star, whose interlacing lines generate the Seal of Babalon in its center.

45 degrees of the arc x 56 = 2520 divided by 7 = 360

IV. “And understand”:  This archetypal order shown by the reflection sequence has been the object of philosophical speculation since the time of Plato. Plato spoke of the number 5040 (2520 x 2 ) in his last work, Critias, and helped define the Platonic Year which differs somewhat from the Great Year.

In fact, this number comes at the end of a passage long considered to be a fragment of unfinished work. It may be viewed, however, as a cryptic insight which left room for one to discover “understanding”. Five times in the Book of Revelations, 1260 ( 2520 divide by 2 ) is allude to cabalistically. It also figured prominently in the works of Ptolemy and Hipparchus.

Commenting on the Eastern philosophical systems in The Myth of Invariance, Ernest McClain states:

2 2

1260 = 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 shows a musical theorist how the scared number 7 generates along with the ‘human’ 5 and the ‘divine’ 3; thus it reveals a basic lesson in mathematical harmonics suppressed in the Reg Veda except by allusion, yet essential to the understanding of ‘Ten-ness’ in all ancient cosmology.

1. Synergetics, Buckminster Fuller

The ten spheres of the Tree of Life show QBL as a base-10 system. Remember also that Had (h = 4, a = 1, d = 5) = 10.

2520, the “omnisychronistic module”, is the number that accommodates or synchronizes the maximum possible amount of consecutive numbers from 1 onwards. There are larger numbers, but none with as high degree a factor of divisibility.

Crowley was presented this concept in a very abstruse, symbolic form. It is clear that the passage from The Book or the Law, requires from us is a process of deciphering and assimilation. This offers the possibility of understanding the symbolic on the conceptual level, and taking up a relationship to it.

The Auric Key:  Current work in graphic representation of this ancient understanding of relationships is being researched under the name SYNDEX by Robert Marshall and Iona Miller, et al. The first concern of “sychrographics” is “maximum information expressed via minimal graphic elements.” As in QBL, CORRESPONDENCES, such as those between numbers and colors, form an integral part of the system.

Graphic representation with a 56-facet mandala discloses ordered matrices inherent in the relationships among rational numbers. For instance, the 12 “synchrostats” , (numbers divisible by 5, 6, and 7), fall into perfect quadric symmetry along the axes of the circle. This division of the circle into four parts is analogous to four parts is analogous to the four directional orientation of the Banishing Ritual. The “sychrostats” are multiples of 210 and correspond to the 12 zodiacal signs:  12 x 210 = 2520

Mandalog 2520 - Reflectaphor showing retrocity of number sequence and basewave


210 = Aries
420 = Taurus
etc. through
2520 = Pisces, completing the zodiacal circle.

Thus we see that the ‘mandala of Nuit, the 56-facet circularity discloses and encloses the profound patterns of relationship inherent in the natural number sequence. It gives us feeling for “number as Field.” Numbers have a frequency of modulation, and a type of pervading wave phenomena. We could visualize this mandala as a ‘philosophical eye’. Or alternatively, we might view it as a matrix, the all containing ‘womb of Nuit’.

A mandala is the empirical equivalent of the alchemical concept of the Unus Mundus (“One World”). The Unus Mundus is one of the many ways of referring to the experience of unification of body/soul/spirit also know as attainment of the Philosopher's Stone.

Sychronistic phenomena are the parapsychological equivalent of the Stone. Jungian psychologist, Mare Von Franz recounts in Number and Time how “...attempts have been made in the past to combine these equivalents into a unitary reality” and construct mandalas, which via synchronicity, would yield parapsychological “knowledge”.

This mandala, used as a magical tool, creates the possibility of an altered state of consciousness know as an “access state”. Zosimos and Bruno, Hermetic magicians, used mandala as tools for magically acquiring “information” about the rationally unknowable. By means of this tool, the individual confronts the continuum to produce qualitative experience, from an otherwise latent potentiality.  

Number essentially pertains to the behavior of archetypal dynamics, or “ordered sequences”. The 56-radii spiral arrangement to 2520 is the minimum necessary to disclose patterns of relationship in the qualitative field. Total archetypal order of the Unus Mundus and all its contents may be represented this way as there is an equation between archetypal images or ideas, and numbers. This is the foundation of the QBL correspondence system. All patterns are mathematically ordered and there is rhythm in the natural numbers sequence.

Buckminster Fuller refers to this rhythm in Synergetics, when he speaks of the pulsative octave. He states that the interaction of all numbers other than 9 creates wave phenomena, i.e. “self inevitable, self inside-outside octave increasing and decreasing pulsatively, fourfoldly, and tetrahedronally IS ALL THAT EVER HAPPENS!” This is Fuller`s peculiar geometric lingo for speaking of carrier wave order phenomena.

While this concept is fairly simple to grasp mathematically or graphically, it is difficult to express in words. Consequently, the importance of fields and wave phenomena have been understood by only a few. This is why the graphic mandala is such an important tool. It is a visual aid for understanding the relationship formed between field (Nuit) and carrier wave order (Hadit).

In the field or manifold of psychic contents, the nucleus of field is its most imperceptible aspect -- this is the circle, Naught. The preconscious aspect of natural numbers points to the idea of a numerical field in which individual numbers figure as energetic phenomena or rhythmical configurations. This “field”, which we take to represent the structural outlines of the collective unconscious, is organized around the central archetype of the Self or Transcendent Function. This function is represented in Magick as the Holy Guardian Angel, another analogy for the experience of the Philosopher's Stone.

A very literal example of “number as field” may be found on the meadow in England at Stonehenge. Here we find a most striking example of Stonehenge is a remarkable verification from the historical past and magical tradition which reiterates the importance of this arrangement.

To make the perimeter of the circle an integral number of times the length of the radii, the Stonehenge programmer used the array of 56 equidistant points. The remnants of these points are termed ‘Aubrey Holes’ in literature about Stonehenge. That a realization of the essence of ‘circular unity’ was necessary to decode the massage of Stonehenge is shown by certain key features.

1. There are 56 Aubrey Holes in the circumference of Stonehenge.
2. Joining every 7th Aubrey Hole generates the outer diameter of the circle of Saren stones. 7 x 8 = 8-pointed star.
3. Joining every 8th hole generates the 7-pointed star and the Star of Babalon, and determines the thickness of the Sarcen stones.
4. Joining every 6th hole equals an equilateral triangle whose apex touches the center of the Sarcen stones.

Bob Marshall refers to these properties of Stonehenge as the “Mandalog” or “Mandalameter.” In all these operations, 56 or 5 + 6 = 11 is indeed the Key to decoding the Rituals. (see last illustration, this page)

More -



What's New with My Subject?


Astronomical significance of Stonehenge:

Apart from the inherent prejudice against the Neolithic awareness of astronomy and geometry, there are several stubborn and irrefutable facts about Stonehenge which suggest exactly that...

The Stonehenge latitude: Firstly, and perhaps most important, is  the location of  the  site itself, which happens to be on the exact latitude so as to encompass several important astronomical observations from the same location. Indeed, the earliest evidence of construction at Stonehenge are the 'car-park post-holes', which are accurately aligned east-west, and can therefore be considered likely astronomical in nature.

Stonehenge lies at the exact latitude at which the Sun and the Moon have their maximum settings at 90° of each other as illustrated by the station-stones.

There are only latitudes in the world it which, the full moon passes directly overhead on its maximum Zeniths, these are at Stonehenge and  Alendres n Portugal (The oldest circle in Western-Europe).

The Design of the Monument: In addition to having a significant latitude, the layout of the site also incorporates several other intrinsic astronomical orientations. In particular, from the earliest phase of  construction (c. 3,200-3,000 BC).

Prof. Hawkins (3), determined that the 56 'Aubrey holes' were placed so as to calculate  both the 18.6 year lunar cycle and eclipses.

The 'Station-stone' quadrangle, placed into the circumference of the 'Aubrey-holes', can be used to measure the extremes of both the lunar and solar cycles.

These two design features make it possible to measure the 'Metonic cycle'.

As well as this, the alignment formed by the 'Avenue', continues in both directions to connect several prominent megalithic sites along the azimuth of the summer solstice sunrise.


   The Precession of the equinoxes - (The Platonic year)

It has been observed that certain myths, sacred texts and ancient buildings have ‘stored’ within them, numerical values and dimensions which are found in common around the ancient world...

(A knowledge which appears to be based on the observation of the precession of the equinoxes).


What is Precession?

The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

This remarkable cycle is due to a synchronicity between the speed of the earth's rotation around the sun, and the speed of rotation of our galaxy.


The Precession of the equinoxes =  25,920 yrs = (360° rotation)

If the sky is divided into 12 constellations:

(25,920 / 12 = 2,160)

(Note: 6 x 10 x 6 = 360 and 360 x 6 = 2,160)

A New sign appears on the horizon each 2,160 yrs (30°)

Note: (2 x 2,160 or 12 x 360 = 4,320 yrs)

 Therefore to move 1° on the horizon = 72 yrs.

The following numbers can therefore be regarded as precessionary:

(12 ... 30 ... 72 ... 360 ... 2,160 ... 4,320 and 25,920)


It is now suggested that at some point in the distant past this cycle was determined by astronomers (A process requiring the prolonged and precise observation of the equinoxial conjunction of the rising sun and the 'suns carrier' behind). Such a discovery goes a long way to understanding the prehistoric fascination with astronomy and the apparent 'will to move mountains' exhibited by the builders of many megalithic monuments. Lockyer observed that prehistoric astronomy was started on the horizon, which would go a long way towards explaining the early development of the English structures called 'Henges', with their built-up banks creating excellent artificial horizons.



The Precessionary cycle is measured in 'months' named according to the constellation visible behind the vernal equinox sunrise. We are presently finishing the 'age of Pisces' and will be soon entering the 'age of Aquarius'. It is suggested (and supported by a growing weight of evidence), that this cycle was recognised at least as far back as the age of Taurus, although there are suggestions of  recognition as far back as Leo (as represented by the Sphinx at Giza).
Sign (Represented by) Date as Suns 'Carrier'
Leo (Lion) 10,800 - 8,640 BC
Cancer (Crab) 8,640 - 6,480 BC
Gemini (Twins) 6,480 - 4,320 BC
Taurus (Bull) 4,320 - 2,160 BC
Aries (Ram) 2,160 BC - 0
Pisces (Fish) 0 - 2,160 AD
Aquarius (Water jug) 2,160 - 4,320 AD

Precession can also be measured through the tilt' of the earths axis, which causes the polar position in the sky to change, with a revolution of the earths axis around the true 'celestial pole' taking the same length of time, as the following diagrams illustrate.


Where the blue circle in the diagram (right), represents the path of the pole in the northern hemisphere over a complete cycle.