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Iona Miller Publications





NEW: GREEN EGG ZINE, Issue #152 - Pineal DMT, by Iona Miller

August 2010

DMT is implicated in the wild imaginings of our nightly dreams, near-death phenomena (NDEs), alien abduction experiences, and dream yoga. It is also a source of visionary phenomena in therapy, such as unusual psychophysical states attained in waking dreams, shamanic or psychotherapeutic journeys.  Synthetic and botanical DMT crosses the blood-brain barrier and bonds to the same synaptic sites as serotonin. Psychedelic chemist, Sasha Shulgin claims, “DMT is everywhere."




Iona Miller Works


The Modern Alchemist (1994, Phanes)

Magical & Ritual Use of Perfumes (1990, Destiny Books, ITI) English, Hebrew, German, & Br. Portuguese editions





History of Digital Art 101

Holistic Qabalah

Pantheon: Gods & Goddesses in Nature and Our Nature

The Diamond Body

Future Science


Mind Control for Dummies

Spiritual Physics

Spiritual Alchemy

Occult ESPionage

The Triangle Book of St. Germain, (2007)

The Transmodern Alchemist (2009)



Chaosophy Journal 1993-2007 - Editor

Journal of Nonlocality & Remote Mental Interaction (JNLRMI) – Asst. Editor

“Quantum Bioholography” "Intent vs. Belief"

Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads, "The Demiurgic Field"




Psychedelics Reimagined 1995, (Autonomedia) "Chaos As the Universal Solvent"

Psychedelic Monographs & Essays (Lyttle) "Tantric Lunar Resonance Meditation"

The True Meaning of the da Vinci Code, Pope (2005) Science-Art (Australia) "The Diamond Body"

Lux Artillery: An Arsenal of Exceptional Women, Zora Von Burden (Bay Area) "Interview of Iona by Zora"

Antibothis Occulture Journal 2007, (Portugal) "PandroGENy: YabYummy Way"

Antibothis Occulture Journal, Vol. III, 2010 (Portugal), "Sasha's Ecstasy & NEOcontrollers Agony"

HunterGatheress Literary Journal, 2008, Joan d’Arc (USA) "St. Germain Triangle Book Decoded"

HunterGatheress II, 2008, Joan D'Arc (USA) "Manifest Destiny Manifesto"

The Art of Fetish, Gartel (2007) Epilogue: “Cyberotica in Technoshamanism"

Women of the Underground: Art, by Zora von Burden; Interview.


5.0 out of 5 stars HUNTERGATHERESS - A Whirlwind Experience, December 29, 2008
This collection of essays and fiction covers a lot of ground, from artist Paul Laffoley's hilarious analysis of the original film The Day the Earth Stood Still, to Jane Crown's eyeopening research of the birth of Agent Orange in New Orleans, to Professor Joan Mellen's articulate story of the real Robert F. Kennedy, and Dr. Carolyn Dean's assessment of what the real food pyramid should look like.

There are several "paranoid women institute" conspiracy researchers in this collection, including Iona Miller (occult history), Tracy Twyman (religious history), Eugenia Macer-Story (occult studies), Beth Goobie (occult mind control survivor), Cheryl Welsh (mind control), and of course some of Joan d'Arc's best writings (old and new) are found in this compilation, along with some really topnotch new fiction, including Joan d'Arc's disturbing and amusing Gnostic tale, Blind Spot, James Quigley's excellent adolescent short story, Hot Lunch, and Len Bracken's seedy chicklit, Subprime Girl.

This compilation goes in so many directions it's sure to be a good one to pass to others around the table, on the train, wherever you are, it's eminently discussable, just really entertaining, funny as well as profound and gritty. I highly recommend this collection.





Dream Network -

"Chaos and Consciousness" Pt. 1 and 2

Nexus Magazine -

"Schumann's Resonance and Human Physiology"

"Voice of the Planet"

"DNA: Helix to Hologram"

"Siren Song of the Earth"

Paranoia Magazine -

#44 "Blinded by the DMT Light"

#46 "Tom Bearden: Wizard of Zero Point",

#49 "Just Say Know to Your Neo-CONtrollers"

#50 "Dune Meme: Is Earth Becoming a Dune Planet?"

PARANOIA, the Conspiracy Reader: "The Uninvited States of America" 

Alchemy Journal, (Brisbane, AU) Vol. 10 No 1, Spring 2009, "Anima Mundi: Soul-Filled World"

Der Golem (Germany) “VR Magick”, 2006

Green Egg Magazine, Issue 151, June 2010: "The Dodecahedral Universe"



Pop Occulture, "Soma Pinoline: Blinded by the DMT Light,"

Pop Occulture, “PandroGENy: A Love Story of Gender Reunion”; “Free Lunch”

Alkemia, “Chaos As the Universal Solvent”

Nexus Magazine - "Schumann's Resonance and Human Physiology"



"Dragon Treasures of St. Germain"


"NEED TO KNOW: Mankind Research Unlimited" 2010, Iona Miller

"The Tavistock Agenda" 2010, Iona Miller

"Psychogenesis" 2009, Iona Miller Art Film

"Reality Portal: The Peace Project; Freedom Fighters" (Amsterdam)

"The Bride of Deception," Gartel & Judd (Phoenix)