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NEED TO KNOW - The Untold Story of Mankind Research Unlimited
by Iona Miller, 2010


The Paranormal Power

In 1973, the international expose PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder became a best-seller. Former Naval Intelligence Officer, Dr. Carl Schleicher actively wondered why the U.S. had no comparable program in psychotronics, where esoterics meets science. He resolved to create one, recruited authors Ostrander & Schroeder to turn over their untranslated data, and began collecting researchers and creating experimental protocols. Thus, in 1973, Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) in Washington D.C. was born as a private company, seeking government and corporate contracts.

The irony of this Cold War era, is that the Soviets thought we were using psychic spies, so they began their program, which in turn sparked actual US interest, based on their claims of success. According to authors Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, a number of Soviet scientists were interested in various aspects of the paranormal, including telekinesis, extrasensory perception (ESP), parapsychology, and various other psychic phenomena. These scientists had worked with military and intelligence agencies in their country to explore methods for deployment of paranormal abilities for defense and intelligence-collection purposes.

The 1970s was the heyday of the paranormal, the occultSatanism made the cover of Time magazine in 1972and what scientists would describe as pseudoscience.  But in the interest of leaving no philosopher's stone unturned, legimate research investigated the great unknown -- the frontiers of human consciousness -- the hidden information environment. Just because it is a mystery doesn't mean we shouldn't study it, but quite the reverse. The metaphysics of speculative philosophy had some real-world applications. All maps of reality are filtering systems.

Before experimentation, labels of 'pseudoscience' are necessarily premature: Are there things we should not know? There are many responses to the impulse toward experience. We pass through the essential stage of experience on the way to wisdom. Fearlessness is a quality of mind that allows us to face danger or hardship resolutely with fortitude and spirit. If no one is allowed to venture into the forbidden because it is threatening or bizarre, we cannot know what it is like. Our potential may be cut short.

Physicist Wolfgang Pauli thought that the probabilistic nature of quantum theory and the Uncertainty Principle offered the possibility of discovering something beyond the mind-matter gap: “’we must postulate a cosmic order of nature beyond our control to which both the outward material objects and the inward images are subject.” He offered a quantum explanation for synchronistic occurrences which somehow “acausally weaves meaning into the fabric of nature. Jung and Pauli sought a unifying theory that would allow interpretation of reality as a psycho-physical whole.

At the heart of the parapsychology (psi) battle are two types of phenomena: extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psycho-kinesis (PK). ESP is reception of information without any normal sensory means; PK is the use of the mind to influence physical states without any direct physical contact. Neither effect can be explained by ordinary science, so parapsychologists with experimental evidence that they are real are accused of bad science or bad faith or both. A simple division into 'sceptics' and 'believers' cannot be made. The real struggle, for all researchers, is not with each other, but to get a secure hold on the subject itself. Psi is now called Anomalous Cogniton.

Israeli psychic Uri Geller appeared to bend spoons with his mind on television, and popular TV programs such as In Search of (hosted by Star Trek 's Leonard Nimoy) treated outlandish notions with the utmost of seriousness. It was an ideal time for experimentation in psychic intelligence-gathering, and thus, it seems to be no accident that the CIA and DIA programs took place during this period.

Among the most intriguing stories included in Psychic Discoveries was an account of an experiment involving rabbits. Electrodes were inserted into the brain of a mother rabbit, and baby rabbits

without implanted electrodes-were placed on a submarine that was then taken out to sea and submerged. A baby rabbit was killed, and as the scientists recorded, the brain of the mother, many miles away on shore, reacted at the moment of death. Setting aside all questions of animal cruelty and experimental ethics, the was interpreted to show that ESP existed and served to connect minds.

Psychic Discoveries noted that Soviet experiments were sparked by a 1959 report in the French magazine Constellation regarding alleged telepathy experiments conducted by the U.S. Navy. The article, "Thought TransmissionWeapon of War," was based on a misreading or misunderstanding of Navy activities. Therefore it is possible to characterize experiments in psychic intelligence on both sides of the iron curtain as, to some degree, a comedy of errors.

Soviets also noticed a February 1960 story in the French magazine Science et Vie (Science and Life) entitled "The Secrets of the Nautilus." It claimed that the US government secretly used telepaths to communicate with the first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, while it was under the Arctic ice pack. This telepathy project allegedly involved President Eisenhower, the Navy, the Air Force, Westinghouse, General Electric, Bell Laboratories and the Rand Corporation.

Communicating with submarines is difficult as radio waves do not penetrate to the depths of the ocean. Extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are used to signal the submarine to come to the surface to receive a message. These super-long waves penetrate almost anything including water but carry little information. If telepathy could work it would be a perfect method of communicating with submerged submarines.  The story was probably a propaganda hoax but the Soviets were spurred into action.

The Cold War among "psi guys" or psychic spies is recounted in James Mills' book THE POWER (1990), which is loosely based on MRU's principle spyentist, "KT," a longterm advisor to Dr. Schleicher and Joint Chiefs of Staff. The fictional Jack Hammond is a scientific intelligence officer for the Monday Afternoon Group, America's top secret paranormal research unit, employing occult forces for intelligence and military objectives. As Mills notes, "The most terrifying weapon lies in the darkest regions beyond the human mind."

Blue Sky research became of interest to both the government and private sector. It spread from R&D thinktanks into the open-minded counterculture then to the mainstream. Along the way, these revolutionary ideas became the obsession of spooks, spyentists, spycologists, psychedelic physicists and a whole host of fringe characters and psychics. Psychotronic researchers broke through the Iron Curtain and brought their discoveries to the West. Many world-class scientists and engineers passed through the threshold of MRU.

Technovelties - Inventing the Impossible

Blue sky projects that begin as implausible can produce incremental advances that eventualy result in applied technologies, even if it takes decades. It is bottom-up versus top-down research. Bottom-up means exploring from the known to the unknown, seeing if there are any serendipitous opportunities that emerge. By its nature, bottom-up work is unpredictable, based in some kind of intuition.

Top-down means problem directed, oriented to solving a problem. The reality dimension, how realistic the project is, shows up independently for either. Some bottom-up projects are highly realistic, other top-down projects are somewhat unrealistic. No one knows in advance which research directions will deliver.

We now take for granted many once-magical technologies even better than those in sci-fi space operas that emerged from the inspiration of the "Star Trek philosophy." It became Dr. Schleicher's policy not to dismiss any outlandish idea for fear of missing some breakthrough -- the "good stuff." That led to a wide scope of blue sky investigation.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), founded in 1958 when the Soviets launched Sputnik, is the Pentagon's autonomous Blue Sky agency. But DARPA itself is a small bureaucracy which doesn't own any labs. All work is outsourced from the director to program managers to specialists -- winning contractos. DARPA insiders actually claim the best program managers are science fiction writers.

Bridging the power of belief and technology, they accept that pushing the boundaries hard enough implies failing a good portion of the time. Half of DARPA's projects are classified. Such projects are still conducted behind closed doors by DARPA, whose "holy grail" is decoding the the brain to build a brain-computer interface. Currently, DARPA is working hard to crack the brain's neural code and develop "haptic interface" for sustaining and augmenting human performance.

Many dark chapters in brainwashing and mind control have been written since Tavistock Institute of Human Relations began its massive social engineering program after WWII and teamed with CIA to deploy nefarious experimental programs, such as MK Ultra. There is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Psychic Center and the NSA (National Security Agency) studies parapsychology, that branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of such psychic phenomena as telepathy, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and psychokinesis. They also did experiments where the mind of one person controlled the bodies of others.

The Dark Side

One project led by Dr. Peter G. Bourne, aimed at creating a psychocybernetic "cyborg" or remotely controlled assassin as depicted in the classic "Manchurian Candidate," "Telephon," and the Jason Bourne series. Controllers pull the post-hypnotic trigger and the subject commits a murder with no memory of the incident. Some of these CIA mind control projects used the public as unwitting guinea pigs exposed to drugs, infectious agents and toxic psychiatry. Many projects became public during 1975 Congressional investigation by the Church Committee. Surrepetitious research continued, farmed out to subcontractors who were not accountable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

In the 1970's, clandestine programs were conducted at Standford Research Institute (SRI) in Remote Viewing. In the 1980s, the Army applied it militarily in the New Earth Battalion, ("Be all that you can be"), subject of the 2009 movie, "Men Who Stare At Goats." Likewise Special Forces, such as Navy Seals, began using paranormal ESP training for rapid intuitive decision-making in the field, and more. One of Dr. Schleicher's earliest experiments involved dowsing -- not for 'witching' a water well, but to find and trace Vietcong tunnels and tunnel rats.

Promising Potential

Astronaut Edgard Mitchell, who did his own telepathy experiment from the dark side of the Moon, founded the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) in 1973. It explores different ways of "knowing," including spiritual practices and exploration of transformative relationships. IONS prominent role in Dan Brown's 2009 best-seller, THE LOST SYMBOL, is fixing the meaning of 'noetic science' in the public imagination. The Esalan Physics Consciousness Group was founded at the same time by fellow scientists Jack Sarfatti, Nick Herbert, Saul-Paul Sirag, and Fred Alan Wolf, to investigate The Fringe by studying frontier science subjects such as time travel, consciousness after death, and ESP.

MRU alumni, Uri Geller with his ESP and spoonbending parlour tricks captured the public imagination and led to crazes in firewalking and other demonstrations of extraordinary human potential. Few in the public understood the spectrum of psychotronics or noetics, but the old mechanical model of the mindbody relationship died and a new model based in psi, mind-body healing and subtle energies emerged aimed at developing innate human potentials and creative capacity. Boundaries between inner and outer experience collapsed.

The new consciousness paradigm opened our culture to the holistic world of complementary medicine, the human potential movement and the idea that we, too, could participate directly in the mysteries of nature and Cosmos. The premise was that the strangest phenomena have the most to teach us about science and ourselves. New interdisciplinary specialties in parapsychology, biophysics, accelerated learning and alternative medicine emerged. MRU was at the forefront of this cultural revolution, which promised transformational breakthroughs in personal and collective consciousness, integral healing and a new worldview. The fascinating history of early psi research is summarized by Jeffrey Mishlove in his classic The Roots of Consciousness, and at MRU site

Many MRU associates went on to produce early classics in paranormal literature, such as Dr. Stanley Krippner, who included work by other MRU scientists in his ground-breaking books:

Galaxies of Life: The Human Aura in Acupuncture and Kirlian Photography (with Daniel Rubin). Gordon & Breach, 1973.

Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal Extrasensory Perception (with Montague Ullman, M.D. and  Allan Vaughan). 1973.

The Kirlian Aura: Photographing the Galaxies of Life (with Daniel Rubin). Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1974.

The Energies of Consciousness: Explorations in Acupuncture, Auras, and Kirlian Photography (with Daniel Rubin). New York: Gordon & Breach, 1975.

Future Science: Life Energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena (with John White). Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1977.


Such work continues in the USPA, ISSSEEM, IONS, Journal of Consciousness Studies, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interaction, and at large. MRU personnel still pursue their esoteric interests.

Psychotronics bridges the esoteric and the scientific. What begins as out-of-the-box Blue Sky research can lead to solid, scientific advances. The arcane, mysterious and what we don't know has the most potential to teach us about ourselves and our environment -- in fact, we are not separate from it. A decade or so ago, no one but scientists thought about quantum physics -- now many are well-aware of theories of the Field, our holographic nature and what it means to realize holistically that mindbody is connected to Cosmos. Psychotronics is the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.

Public training in REMOTE VIEWING and other programs by noted parapsychologists from SRI and elsewhere has provided the public a window on early research. The 2009 film, MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS has shown some later military research and experimentation on the same sort of subject matter. MRU was the East Coast equivalent of SRI, but invited far less publicity. It also was not linked to the notorious "mother of all thinktanks," Tavistock Institute of Human Relations but was linked to Rockefeller Foundation and NSA, producing briefs.

MRU sought to conduct independent research on these matters for the public welfare. ESP is a natural occurrence. We seek to understand how it occurs, and to use that understanding for the benefit of mankind. The technical and scientific aspects of Psychotronics and its practical applications, merge the esoteric/spiritual and scientific worlds. Quantum mechanics has provided a "scientific" basis which allows the existence of psychic phenomena and unconventional energy effects.

MRU’s Director, Carl W. Schleicher, Ph.D. has been accused, along with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, of being the mind control mad-genius behind MK Ultra and the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ in both Feral Press (Constantine, 1995) and by A.J. Weberman (1) online. Called the “Father of the Cyborg,” in CIA Mind Control Operations in the USA, Schleicher heartily denied it to his death in 1999. He was preparing to sue Weberman for theft of MRU files and false allegations, according to close associates.

MRU conducted client-sponsored researrch and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations and other organizations. Carl said he wanted to further and develop the works of suppressed, maligned or unappreciated researchers on the "frontiers of science". These researchers and pioneers, included: Harold S. Burr, Ph.D.; F.S.C. Northrop, Ph.D.; Leonard J. Ravitz, M.D.; Wilhelm Reich, Ph.D.;R. B. Amber, D.C.; Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D.; Oscar Brunler, Ph.D.; Galen Hieronymus; Gen. Henry M. Gross; Verne Cameron; John Shelley; Ambrose and Olga Woorrall, Ph.D.; Harold Sherman; Townsend Brows; R. Abrams, M. D;.Ruth Drone; Carey Reams, D.N.; Buckminster Fuller; Nikola Tesla, D.Sc.; Yogi Bhajan; Henry and John Foray; K. Raudive, Ph.D.; Ingo Swann; S. W.Tromp, Ph.D.; L. L. Vasiliev, Ph.D.; Karl von Reichenbach, Ph.D.; Walter Russell, Ph.D.; Gopi Krishna; Gustaf Stromberg; Jose Silva; Edgar Cayce; Cleve Backster.

Some have linked MRU to CIA's MK ULTRA Project but it was likely closer to less sinister SRI-type paranormal and medical research though there is some overlap in project areas.

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:

Drugs, electronics, psychotronics and electroshock
Targeting: Short rangeFrequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Local production
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Subprojects: Many.
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

It was not until the middle or late 1970's that the American public became aware of a series of hitherto secret programs that had been conducted over the preceding two decades by the military and intelligence community. These extensive covert programs bore the project titles MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH (MK being understood to stand for Mind Kontrol), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and CHATTER. The principal aim of these and associated programs was the development of a reliable "programmable" assassin. Secondary aims were the development of a method of citizen control.

DEEP COVER: As a valued member of the United States Psychotronics Assn., Schleicher had access to a wide range of the most innovative minds imaginable. As a former intelligence agent, he had access to classified materials and experts. Associates included Dr. Eldon A. Byrd, Dr. Stanley Krippner, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Dr. Emanuel Revici, Christopher Bird, Stefan Possony, physicist Richard Alan Miller, various intelligence and counterintelligence operatives for NSA and Naval and Air Force Intelligence who shall remain nameless, MRF Deputy Director and microbiologist Charles Stone, plus a variety of regional and program directors of different projects in science, education, and alternative health. Several of them were more than colleagues and became friends while others remained personally aloof and occassionally adversarial. He claimed to have a few opponents and even enemies.

There are doubtless many more contacts whose records, correspondence and reports were lost with Schleicher's passing. Some materials were never centralized to begin with. The colleagues and contacts of MRU principles cover the whole field of psychotronics, parapsychology, complementary healing, intelligentsia, the underground and more. Conferences were hotbeds of exchange, as were many Washington D.C. area installations. Each of the players has their own network of associates that stretched through every area of human culture, building an incredible webwork of influence that now permeates the national and global agenda.

Many of the vanguard connected with this unique thinktank are still in operation, both publically and privately. They continue to permeate the intelligence landscape, illuminate with revelations about the now-unclassified past and make startling predictions about the future of science and humanity. In this sense, those who live on the cutting-edge are truly the 'time-travellers' of their generations.

All research was conducted on a “need to know” basis. No one seems able to make a coherent story of it, though rumors about connections of Director Schleicher to MK Ultra run rampant.


What's New with My Subject?


The Real X-Files Were Subcontracted

Psychotronics * Consciousness * ESP * Biofeedback * EM Phenomena * Resonance * Radionics * Hypnosis * Mind Control, UFO * Scalar Weapons * Scalar Physics * RV * Biorhythms * Mindbody Health

SECURITY THROUGH OBSCURITY: The term "need to know," when used by government, military or espionage organizations, describes the restriction of very sensitive data related at the time to national security. Under need-to-know restrictions, even with a security clearance, no access is given to such information, nor can anyone read about a clandestine operation, without a specific need to know. Access to the information must be necessary for conducting specific official duties. As with most security mechanisms, the aim is to severly limit unauthorized access, without inconveniencing legitimate access. Need-to-know also discourages "browsing" of sensitive material by limiting access to the smallest possible number of people. So, "Who Knew?" MRU not only operated on a "need to know" basis, in 'stealth' mode -- they had a burning desire to penetrate the heart of Mystery - a primordial NEED TO KNOW that opened up the inner and outer Cosmos as a new frontier of science. The seemingly improbably, in time became mindbody medicine, medical scan technology, mindbody regulation and a host oflegitimate applications of what had been esoteric or "occult," i.e. "hidden."

CYBORG NATION: Biocybernetic specialist, Dr. Carl Schleicher, of MRU -- psychic warfare think tank -- was accused in the underground press of being the 'father' of the cyborg, whatever was meant at that time by the term. It has been applied to both mind controlled assassins triggered with post-hypnotic suggestion and bio-mechanical additions, mind-computer interface, etc. In the New Media electronic info-culture we've all become cyborgs with machine-extended senses. Our computers and hand-helds are a direct extension of our nervous systems. If we continue in this biomechanoid fusion, we may be pulling the trigger on our own humanity.

PSYCHOTRONICS UNLIMITED: The Chemical Body is what we consider our “physical body.” The dominant model for this is the product of Western science since the telegraph. The Astral Body (the Energy Body) pervades all cultures as the belief there is more to our makeup than the Chemical Body. It is a huge storehouse of religious and spiritual energy. The third organ is the TV Body—the repository of historical one-way broadcasting. The fourth is the Chip Body—the mutating warehouse of digital omni-directional multimedia. The fifth is the Mystery Body (Field Body)—what we’re still excavating and whose lineaments we cannot fully assess yet, if ever. We know it’s made up of the previous four bodies but we don’t know what more we will discover about its constituents, affects, and effects. The cyborg or Android Meme (Bob Dobbs) is the resultant of the interplay, violent and ecstatic, of the first four bodies.


CARL SCHLEICHER, Ph.D., Founder/Director of MRU, former Naval Intelligence Officer. In German, his last name means "STEALTH."  Stealth was his name; cryptography and psychotronics his game. An eccentric character, he often failed to connect with people, including women and investors, beyond the technical arena. He has been described as somewhere between a real Dr. Strangelove and the "Cigarette Man" from the X-Files. One article in The Post described Schleicher’s gruff military personality and named names of photos of “true believers” on the wall. They included anti-gravity investigators, healers, chemists, psychics, dowsers, and neuroanatomists. He considered the term “occult” an unprofessional, unscientific “put-down word” that turns off highly qualified people. He admits his own “paranoid” psychics accused him of “feeding information to the CIA” and that “consultants have ‘dark forces’ surrounding them.” Many of the brightest and darkest scientists of the era, East and West, passed through his doors.


Charles Stone, Microbiologist. Deputy Director of MRU. Investigative writer, entrepeneur and conference planner. Biowarfare, Mycoplasma, Gulf War Syndrome, Atomic Vets, Black Gold,


"KT", NSA Science Intelligence Officer; MRU SPOOK/SPOCK. Dr. Schleicher's main science officer. Expertise in Scalar Weaponry, Zero Point Energy, and Remote Viewing the Future, EVP, tellurics. Member of Monday Afternoon Group, 30 degrees above Top Secret, consultant to Joints Chiefs of Staff.


"OC", Director of MRU's Accelerated Learning program; wife of KT.


Antagonist, A. J. Weberman, Garbologist. Gadfly Journalist who outed MRU in Covert Action Quarterly in the 1980s. YIPPIE prankster who digs through garbage of celebrities continuously accused Dr. Schleicher of being a CIA front organization to the point where Schleicher was ready to sue him just before the time of his death. In the 70s he broke into MRU files, collected brochures on projects and other protocols to form the basis for his expose. His friend Ronnie Sunshine's claim to fame is having a Kirlian photograph of his male member online.


Richard Alan Miller, Physicist. Northwest Regional Director of MRU in Seattle in early 70s. Parapsychologist, "Wizard." Kirlian photography, biophysics, instrumentation specialist, psychic and paranormal studies, psychic healing, ESP and hypnosis, bioluminescence, biofeedback, holographic concept, cold fusion, esoterics, magick, mind tools.


Iona Miller, CHT. Hypnotherapist, writer and artist. Assistant Editor, Journal of Nonlocality & Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI) Nexus of a reunion of core MRU players, co-adventuring on new projects and investigations in the 21st C. Specialities in PR, esoterics, symbolism, metaphor therapy, esoteric espionage, mind control, neurotheology, media ecology, architecture of cryptocracy and cultural effects. Projects include hypnosis, distance healing, magick, neuralfeedback, brainwave resonance, pineal DMT, quantum bioholography with Lian Siorov of, virtual physics with Tom Bearden , Electronic Voice Phenomena with KT, Schumann Resonance with "Tesla, Jr." Ben Lonetree and dreamhealing with Dr. Stanley Krippner. Former wife of RAM; descendant of Founding Father, Stephen Hopkins. Associate Editor JNLRMI; Dean of Faculty for The Institute for Consciousness Science & Technology and Board Member, Asklepia Foundation.


Mike Osborne, CIA Case Officer, friend and ally of "KT", who introduces him to Iona Miller and the enterprise, LOA, rooted in the Law of Attraction. A Catholic with mind control and esoteric interests, an inspirational mentor, family man and political watchdog. For peace and justice, against Covert Action, since there is always blowback; "dirty tricks don't work." Specialties in espionage, counter-intelligence, transnational crime, global narco-traffic, signal intelligence, crypto. Triple K Assassinations investigator. Self-described "Spirit in human form." But "agents" are not spies but non intel type. Remember that. They are one step removed from being police in my book. There are things that the President doesn't know because of 'plausible denial.'


Dr. Gorilla, M.D., First Motoyama-Bentov Fellow distance healer, Neuropsychiatrist. Specialties in Nonlocality, UFO contact, MPD, Epilepsy, Dissonance Resonance Resolution, Scalar tech diagnosis and healing protocols. Guitar player.


Lian Sidorov, PhD, Russian geneticist, Nonlocality & Remote Mental Interactions; EM genetic regulation, biophysics, bioenergetics, bioregulation, genetic regulatory architectures, alternative healing, mechanisms of intent in paranormal processes, anomalous cognition, remote targets, protocols specialist, psi-field, human potential. The function of JNLRMI is to: 1. create a network of physicists, biologists, physicians, healers and consciousness researchers to identify the frontiers of our theoretical understanding of nonlocal mental interactions 2. develop concrete proposals with respect to the possible mechanisms and dynamics of nonlocal communication #. pool our experimental expertise and equipment in order to design and carry out innovative protocols based on these proposals 4. promote this area of research to the scientific mainstream 5. establish contacts with potential sponsors for future experimental studies.

REMOTE VIEWING: "The best way to improve signal line (if there really is such a an animal, which I'm more and more inclined to doubt), is purifying intent and expectation regarding focus on a specific target of interest. Your assumption remains that there is some sort of emitter of information, some form of carrier or transporter of information, and some kind of receiver of information - because you have bought into the customary model that everyone [...] believes in. Delete your assumptions from the get go and point out to me where anyone has ever proven that any of those three items exist at all? In all probability they do not. Information in its own right exists within each of our universes because that is what we need to operate. It is mutually exclusive to all other universes. Our assumption, which may be incorrect from the outset, is that everyone's universes mix - which they probably do not. "
-- Joe McMoneagle
interview by Lian Sidorov

Ken Webb, SpecOps SnakeEater, Vietnam Screaming Eagle on the inside in Iran Contra, Grenada, and take down of Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega.

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama is a scientist as well as a yogi, philosopher and priest. He is a man of many varied interests and talents specializing in oriental medicine, computing and electrical engineering who is also a parapsychologist, spiritual healer and seer. He is head of the Institute for Life Physics, Tokyo, and the California Institute for Human Science, California. He conducted experiment sin the 70s showing the effects one person's mind on the body of another in a screen remote locale. In other exiperiments he scientifically detected biophoton emission. He is concerned with elucidating the nature of religious experience and the existence of 'subtle energies' using scientific methods. He built two machines: one to measure the 'ki' energy in the meridians (the AMI machine) and another to measure the energy of the chakras or energy centres of the body (The Chakra instrument). The AMI instrument is in use in some American and many Japanese medical institutions as a diagnostic tool and for research into health and disease and also the paranormal.


Ostrander & Schroeder- Soviet Research files, Psychic Discoveries; Super-learning

Dr. Stanley Krippner - Dream Telepathy; Kirlian Schemata. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco, is a Fellow in four APA divisions, and past-president of two divisions (30 and 32). Formerly, he was director of the Kent State University Child Study Center, Kent OH, and the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory, in Brooklyn NY. He is co-author of Extraordinary Dreams (SUNY, 2002), The Mythic Path, 3rd ed. (Energy Psychology Press, 2006), and Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans (Greenwood, 2007), and co-editor of Healing Tales (Puente, 2007), Healing Stories (Puente, 2007), The Psychological Impact of War on Civilians: An International Perspective (Greenwood, 2003), Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence (APA, 2000), and many other books.

Dr. Eldon Byrd - DEW Weapons, Anomalous Metallurgy.

Military researcher and speaker Byrd was an expert in nonlethal EMF weaponry and electromagnetic aspects of living bodies - on cells, tissues, thoughts and whole populations. He worked in acoustics, amplification and transduction. He published a paper on the telemetry of brain waves in the "Proceedings" of the International Telemetering Conference, 1972. He particpated in panels for USPA on scalar physics and biofields with Tom Bearden, Elizabeth Rauscher, Bob Beck and others. In his later years, like Carl, he seems to have taken a humanistic turn toward his fellow man, perhaps as a reaction to earlier research and proprietary knowledge he was exposed to in the course of his professional life.

USPA 1993. Psychoactivity of Extremely Low Frequency EM and Scalar Fields: A lecture by Dr. Eldon Byrd, a government scientist “formerly” with the US Naval Weapons Lab, who discusses the relationship of intention and connection-at-a-distance between organisms, psychoactive signals, some of the history of beta-endorphin research, the up-and-coming research in bio-optics, how electromagnetic stimulation can and does have the capability to induce an “alien” experience, the relationship between opiate compounds and the immune system, brain-immune system communication, behavior-affecting ELF/RF weaponry, and more. In 1973 Byrd was a physicist at the U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center, Silver Spring Maryland, also home of MRU. His story appears in J. Keith's Secret and Suppressed. 1993 and Lobster Magazine (Britain) 1998-#34.

Milan Ryzl - ESP & Hypnosis.

Czech biochemist who experimented in the field of parapsychology. Born May 22, 1928, at Prague, Czechoslovakia, he studied at Charles University, Prague (D.Sc., 1952). He became a biochemist at the Institute of Biology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science, was a charter associate of the Parapsychology Association, and the winner of the 1962 McDougall Award for parapsychology research. He is considered one of the leading authorities on parapsychology in the West.

Ryzl took a special interest in paranormal cognition of subjects under hypnosis, and developed a method by which the ESP of such subjects may be brought under voluntary control. He organized a parapsychology study group in Prague, but later defected from Czechoslovakia and obtained a position as a biochemist at San José College, California. He worked for a time at the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University and in 1963 wrote a series of papers with J. G. Pratt. He is credited as being the first person to write on parapsychology in Communist Europe.

Stephan Possony - Psystrat, Psychological Warfare, Star Wars, EM Warfare. 

Russian exile Stefan T. Possony. Psychological warfare expert with the Office of Naval Intelligence during WWII. On Board of Directors of the CIA front, the American Security Council. The focus of Stefan Possony's life work has been psychological warfare, with increasing attention to the conspiratorial aspects of communism. The "bedroom-to-battlefield" syndrome of psychological disorientation; full-scale warfare is useless. This authority on psychological warfare and revolution, testified before a committee of the Eighty-Sixth Congress that "manipulation of language constitutes one of the Communists' most potent weapons in their drive for world domination." He also said that "to the Communists, words are tools to achieve effects, not means to communicate in the search for truth."

Chris Bird - Esoterics, Radionics, Tesla, UFO, Secret Life of Plants

Lt. Col Thomas Bearden - Scalar Weaponry, Zero Point Energy, Hyperdimensional Paranormal,

Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired). President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc. MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. BS Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University. Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army. Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering). Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses.

Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics, and has worked with several inventors involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes. He advanced the first force-free redefinition of mass as well as an electromagnetic mechanism that generates the flow of time, and has proposed a testable resolution of the century-old debate over the way in which energy flows in electrical circuits. He defined charge q as a coupled system of two components, and not unitary at all. He advanced a mechanism for electromagnetically producing a vacuum engine, whereby the vacuum itself is utilized to energetically shape and manipulate matter and energy.

Berthold Eric Schwartz, M.D., a psychiatrist with paranormal interests. Experiments in telepathy as cause illness. In 1971, published Parent Child Telepathy, 500 psychic interactions between him and his two children, Lisa and Eric. Expert on the effects of LSD on hypnotically-induced seizures. In Medical Times, Oct. 1968 presented four examples of allegedly close contact with UFOs. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1969: Synchronicity and Telepathy. Ufo-Dynamics: Psychiatric and Psychic Dimensions of the Ufo Syndrome (Paperback), 1989, Men in Black, "bigfoot" like humanoids, poltergeist effects accompanying UFO encounters, witnesses with histories of psychic experiences, "channeled" messages, everthing but the Garuda. For Medical Times, examined scores of UFO "observers," decreed that they are not psychotic, not suffering hallucination, not publicity-seekers. "More, on the contrary, fearing ridicule, are embarrassed to testify to what they saw."