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Just Say Know in Paranoia Magazine

Making Healthy Choices for Emotional Freedom

Iona Miller, 6/2008

"Over the years, our approach to investigative problems in the intelligence field has given rise to a number of new programs, some of which have been most revolutionary, and it can be assumed that with a continued aggressive approach to these problems, new and productive ideas will be forthcoming. These ideas will not be increased in number or improved upon from the standpoint of accomplishments merely through the institution of a program such as COINTELPRO which is given another name, and which in fact, only encompasses everything that has been done or will be done in the future." J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, Memorandum, July 15, 1964

Your Thoughts are Not Your Own

The derivative catch-phrase “Just say Know” has evolved from a variety of programs all of which arguably encourage healthy choices, mostly for young adults. But, as we grow older, we get little practical advice for maintaining control of our own healthy interests and thoughts in the morass of targeted consumer advertising and political propaganda.

How can we regain control of our own behavioral choices rather than feeding the Pavlovian system of forced choices, called ‘channeling’? Part of the answer is to bother to educate yourself: “Just Say Know.” Know what game is being played on you and the rules of engagement.

The name of the game is Power and Control -- how to take it and your resources from you. Social power is the ability to manipulate others. This is why personal empowerment has become such an issue in our society. We feel we have so little. That fosters self-blame, guilt and erodes self-esteem as well as the will to fight back or stick up for yourself.

You are classified by the Controllers as Compliant, Passive Resistant, Active Resistant (Activist), Assaultive (Radical), or Lethal (Terrorist). Make no mistake, a very intentional War for Your Mind is being waged on all fronts: social, political, financial, and spiritual. Rules of Engagement (ROE) determine where, when and how force will be used. The CIA has displayed an increasing tendency to interfere in US politics to ingratiate itself with the President.

Clandestine Mentality

In “The Matrix” of our complex culture, coercion is ubiquitous. Intelligence is not just a job, it is a cult – an indoctrinated way of viewing and being in the world. Intelligence professionals lock into a self-perpetuating mindset.

Socially as well as professionally they cliqued together, forming a sealed fraternity. They ate together at their own special favorite restaurants; they partied almost only among themselves; their families drifted to each other, so their defenses did not always have to be up. In this way they increasingly separated themselves from the ordinary world and developed a rather skewed view of that world. Their own dedicated double life became the proper norm, and they looked down on the life of the rest of the citizenry. And out of this grew what was later named -- and condemned -- as the "cult" of intelligence, an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence that held it to be above the normal processes of society, with its own rationale and justification, beyond the restraints of the Constitution, which applied to everything and everyone else. (William Colby)

Covert warfare specialists thrive on mass manipulation. The goal is to crush any dissent, to neutralize the adversary. Political activism itself is a useful and necessary component of political control. It is sold to the dissatisfied yet heavily monitored, infiltrated and compromised by counterinsurgency infrastructures – the alphabet soup of intel agencies.

What stands in the way of massive civil disobedience in the face of corruption and/or catastrophe? Fear, intimidation, interrogation, surveillance, disinformation, slander, informers, dissention, frame-ups and entrapment are used in this subtle and not-so-subtle process. This holds true in online Infowars where players often aren’t what they seem and all communications are potentially monitored.

You Are A Capitalist Tool

YOU are the target, and the game is not new but has intensified from psyops to economic attack. No cultural trends since the 1950s have been an accident; neither are the grassroots actions that arise to support or oppose them. Likewise, history is manufactured.

TV is the primary hypnotic tool, now superceded by the computer, video games and hand-held devices. The political pendulum swings from one end of the spectrum to the other, but always at the whim of the metaprogramming Controllers behind the scenes. Media monopolies, including “alternative” media, have been captured by venture capital.

We are under heavily suppressive influences from the cradle to the grave. We are programmed from birth with shame to conform not excel or even succeed by a contrived culture, television, the suppressive school system, and an impenetrable field of propaganda. What is absent is encouragement to think for ourselves. Critical thinking about the system at every level is discouraged and even punished.

Deep Background on Dirty Tricks

The Village Voice reported that from 1958 on, FBI agents not only persistently monitored but also infiltrated lawful anti-war, civil rights, black, civil liberties, and other groups. Posing as fellow indignant activists, agents secretly fomented bitter, disruptive divisions among some of these organizations. (Hentoff) They targeted labor, minority groups struggling against racism, the women's movement, queer activists and the Left.

The Civil Rights and Peace Movements were both infiltrated by undercover governmental agents. CIA and FBI with local police manipulated both movements through COINTELPRO (1957-1971). This all-pervasive covert action intelligence program also included collaboration by DoD.

Secret and illegal, COINTELPRO was an intelligence riptide actively countering and undermining the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The founding document of COINTELPRO directed FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the activities of various movements and their leaders. Presumably, that included lethal force in several questionable assassinations.

COINTELPRO provocateurs meddled with the NAACP, Black Panther Party, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (MLK), SDS, SNCC, Black Muslims, American Indian Movement (AIM), the Sioux Nation, KKK, the New Left, Weathermen, YIPPIES, ACLU and Brotherhood of Eternal Love, to name a few. Intelligence created and/or manipulated the National Enquirer, The Village Voice, the Moonies, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), Jonestown, right-wing vigilantes and more.

Agents of Repression

The ‘OILogarchy’ is waging class warfare. Low-intensity warfare rests on a simple premise: in order to achieve political objectives by "extraordinary" means, a comprehensive, coordinated set of tactics are required. Such tactics are intended to guarantee that prolonged economic sabotage and the cumulative effects of propaganda, espionage, psychological terror and violence will eventually wear the "enemy" down and achieve the desired goal .

Drugs have also been used in this shadow government war on its own people. Exorbitant profits from transnational drug trade are laundered through black ops funding and even mob-related organized crime groups. This underground economy provides carte blanche underwriting for all kinds of international machinations, particularly in the drug pipelines of Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Drugs have also been used to control large segments of our citizens. The drug trends change but the effect remains the same. Carl Ogelsby, former head of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) states it bluntly:

What we have to contemplate nevertheless is the possibility that the great American Acid Trip no matter how distinctive of the rebellion of the 1960s it came to appear, was in fact the result of a despicable government conspiracy.... If U.S. intelligence bodies collaborated in an effort to drug an entire generation of Americans, then the reason they did so was to disorient it, sedate it and de-politicize it.

Your Culture is Someone Else's Experiment

CIA was directly involved in promoting the LSD and other drugs within the emergent Counterculture of the 60s with the dual effect of destroying families and subverting the peace process. This thread of social engineering can be traced back to orchestrated psychological manipulation from Tavistock Institute in Britain, through today’s hyperactive and self-absorbed New Age and cyberpunk movements.

They were the active inspiration behind CIA’s infamous MK ULTRA experiments. Multiple forms of mind control, propaganda, group dynamics and drug culture paved the way for a mind-bending escalation of corporate feudalism that co-opted user-driven technology and domination of information flow and the hidden information environment, starting with the PC.

[Gregory] Bateson's British (and American) intelligence sponsored takeover of the nascent field of cybernetics in the 1950's from its creator, Norbert Wiener, led directly into Bateson's LSD-driven experiments on schizophrenia and creativity in Palo Alto, which in turn, were the origins of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters and their house band, the Grateful Dead. Indeed, Stewart Brand's own career as a publicist for what was first conceived of as drug and then computer-based techo-utopian revolution owes much to Bateson's cybernetics guidance. Brand was among the first to recognize that personal computers and computer networks might have even greater potential to re-program the humans who "used" them than the psychedelics which fueled his earlier efforts. Indeed, based on Brand's success at promoting LSD at his Trips Festivals, he was hired by Doug Englebart to stage the first mass demonstration of the mouse and windows system which Englebart had invented at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). (Stahlman)

Search for Endless Enemies

Although COINTELPRO’s “dirty tricks” technically ceased in 1971, similar ‘divide and conquer’ activities are easily detected today. All minorities, freedom and peace movements are targets, including environmentalists and voter advocates. Activists are especially targeted during political conventions and 2008 is no exception.

The Civil Rights War on Black America has broadened into a war on everyone’s civil rights, through voting manipulation and legislation to suppression of constitutional rights and repressing political dissent. Even religion has been weaponized by racist labeling of Muslims as not only the adversary, but as “terrorists.” Both sides claim to wage a holy war.

Recruitment of “Mom and Pop” evangelicals by the Neo-cons tipped the last two Presidential bids. Through concerted effort, mass sympathies are cultivated and deployed for political and financial gain. In this last example, they exploited the drive to reap the Apocalyptic whirlwind, an agenda pursued jointly and aggressively by theocratic Christians and Zionists. Whether they believe their own press or not is doubtful. It may not matter since any pretense of 'plausible deniability' has fallen by the wayside.


Covert Actions abroad generally result in negative “blowback” consequences and are therefore counterproductive. Former Case Officer, Leutrell Osborne views 9/11 as blowback of Charlie Wilson's Afghan War. That action against the Soviets had been considered CIA's greatest success, till bin Laden turned and bit the hand that fed him.

But on the domestic front, covert action has not only been wildly successful, but framed our national history since the later half of the 20th Century. Subversion of the will of the people continues under the clones of COINTELPRO 2.0: the Patriot Act, presidential directives, and proposed Homegrown Terrorism laws. “Homeland Security” is just the latest pretext for domestic spying.

The unrest of 1968 shares much in common with 2008, besides an unwinable war. COINTELPRO tactics are still in play, include fear-mongering, false accusations, smear campaigns, active subversion of First Amendment and other rights. Propaganda, psyops and distraction campaigns aredesigned to lull the populace into political complacency and impotence. For materialists, this means encouraging shameless obsessive acquisition with over-extended credit. For universalists, it means promoting 'The Spectacle' of spiritual supermarket sideshows – a paranormal circus of otherworldly interests and the ‘wish-fulfillment’ of mind over matter “intentionality.”

Let Us Prey

Who’s agenda is this abuse of power? That of the transnational military-industrial-financial cartel who teach us to worship GOD: Gold Oil, and Drugs. Their success is measured by how much we are addicted to them all. The Corporate States of America is the legacy of 19th Century robber-barons. It ushered in the monopolized era of corporate feudalism by turning the people against one another and gutting them economically, reducing them to hand-to-mouth survival conditions. Many will not survive. That is the point. The "useless eaters" must die.

We are hypnotized by the prospects of “pie in the sky,” bigger and better toys, and false promises of security. We are barraged with trivia and have lost the Big Picture. The irrational optimism of the Housing Bubble fueled this manic enthusiasm. The crash of the housing market in the mortgage debacle has left many falsely so-called homeowners “upside down” on their mortgages, pushing them toward bankruptcy and foreclosure. Similar big money manipulations of the stock market will likely gut the middle class further. Did you ever wonder where your funds go when you “lose” money?

Even Your Rebellions Are Calculated

Even your rebellions are calculated, channeled and fed at a profit for the Handlers. If you take legal drugs to void out or survive in a hypermodern world, you support Big Pharma at the risk of your longterm mental health. We are hardwired for both fight-flight and the pursuit of pleasure. When we can’t fight we can flee into escapism. But then how will things ever change for the better if we don’t take action?

Our escapes are forced choices -- false choices. If you take illegal drugs even for fun, or to escape depression, disenfranchisement, or a bleak existence, you are not only creating a karmic chain of blood from the source to your door, you are essentially “sleeping with the enemy.” You not only are doing what “they” want you to, you are paying for it with cold cash and your psychophysical integrity.

No Demand, No Supply, No Problemo

They are right – YOU are the problem! They’ve seen to that. Without any demand for street drugs, the whole chain of control and profit falls apart. This is the part of the equation within your control. But you have been trained to make poor choices and follow the crowd in ignorance.

Recovery programs also feed back into the system of overpriced medical care. In this case, it often doesn't work, hence return patients are dubbed "retreads." Addiction is probably here to stay, but you can make the personal choice to root out the collective source of your personal demons and clean out the festering wound by understanding its true collective as well as personal roots.

Don't swallow the lie. Nip the demand in the bud with grassroots educational and social services that support healthy choices. Not 'Just Say No' but ‘Just Say KNOW.’ Be part of the solution, not the problem that destroys so many lives -- 20-30 people are affected by each addict. This systemic disease is also the root of our sick judicial and penal system with an extraordinarily high rate of incarceration and one of the few remaining countries employing the death penalty.

Collective trance-states are deliberately conceived and imposed on an unsuspecting or uncaring public, through propaganda, electronic harassment and other means. Subcultures and ethnic groups tend to limit their social action agendas to their own myopic issues, rather than the Big Picture. But the system cannot evolve one small bit at a time, because everything is fractally connected to the establishment undertow.

Your “Spiritual” Recovery is Also Contrived

Distraction is the name of the game, just as in the era of the Roman Coloseum. The Spectacle of the New Age shadow keeps us hypnotized and politically ineffective, preventing realistic activity. Philosophy calls creating your own reality Solipsism, a sleepless dream. The New Age looks a lot like the old age -- another control mechanism manipulating beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Depending on what version of retro-spirituality you subscribe to, (from 13th Century mysticism, to rewarmed 19th Century Theosophy, to current faddish phenomena cults like “orbs”), you are living in a time-warp. What better way to get you to “stick your head in the sand” than pondering impenetrable Mystery?

The Secret is there are toxic predators and gullible prey in the Aquarian Conspiracy. But many “good” people base their whole persona around false notions, investing emotionally to their detriment. It is their sole mark of distinction in a conformist society, and they bristle if you criticize them logically. Beldo names channelers and the repressive “Optimism Gestapo” among the most insidious elements.

It appears that the CIA, FBI, and NSA are now sending their goons into the metaphysical marketplace, making sure that people who think they are aspiring to higher and positively transformative things are, in reality, only becoming more self-indulgent, disconnected, and confused.. The biggest influx of these agents occurred during the blossoming of the "human potential" movement in the early '70s, through such institutions as Esalen. Legions of people threw away their protest banners and followed their bliss during a time when directly addressing the socio-political problems of the day was imperative.

Since then, the emphasis on personal development - and more recently, the You Create Your Own Reality movement - a significant segment of the population has been brainwashed into disdaining all socio-political issues..For what better way to disempower people than to have them focus on their personal evolution at the expense of their families, communities, and the countries they live in?
” (Beldo)

The Road to Hell?

The hottest current New Age buzzword is “Intentionality,” aka The Law of Attraction. But it is not for nothing that we say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” which is not to say there are no well-meaning practitioners in the field. But, we no longer live in a progressive meritocracy where hard work guarantees advancement, so we fall back on wishful thinking disguised as quantum manipulation by mind over matter.

All the affirmations imaginable can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Quantum chaos cares not about your personality desires nor quasi-religious aspirations. But the so-called spiritual prophets of the New Age lecture circuit pander to them while their hands dig deep into your pockets for their own profit. The bigger their product line, the more successful they become. Video is the newest weapon in this arsenal, extending their charismatic outreach and persuasion.

To conduct sound research, we must catch ourselves in the act of trying to verify our own preconceptions. We are our own “perception Lab.” This is an intrinsic problem of armchair scientists who are long on theory and short on experimentation. We have to pierce beyond the perceptual artifact to solid postulates, testable hypotheses, rigorous protocols, and accurate statistical analysis.

Quantum physics itself is a domain of self-contained, mutually exclusive belief systems with their own presumed truths about the primordial nature of Reality. There is no consensus among physicists. There are many interpretations of quantum phenomena. New Agers and armchair philosophers often confound and cobble appealing ideas from different models together into half-baked theories, sometimes with buzzword fantasies of “ascension”, “singularity,” aliens, resonance, and evolution.

“Fill in the blank” explanations can be outlandish, possible, plausible, probable, or match reality. The distinction between "true believers" and skeptics comes at the point of interpretation of phenomena, attributions of the source of events or perceptions, whether one's model is psibernetics, "magical thinking", external agents, nested hierarchies, holistic mysticism, or physicalism.

A theist will tend to attribute positive expectations of “agency” to God, a pagan to nature, a humanist to self, and an atheist to complex dynamics, or randomness. A debunker is dismissive. A true skeptic remains open-minded, at home in the ambiguity. And the loose use of the buzzword ‘intentionality’ leaves its agent or means totally ambiguous despite quantum jargon. This doesn't mean nothing of value is there; it is just largely misunderstood.

My Karma Ran Over My Dogma

This fashionable term for mind/matter interaction, "intentionality", fails as a shorthand to explain anything. You may as well call it karma, luck, or free will, or True Will, like the magicians do. Karma, whether you believe in it or not, at its root just means natural consequences of behavior.

Does it really work to claim an intention to be intentional? Doesn’t intentionality always imply future tense rather than concrete results? If the implication is an ‘intentional result’ isn’t that an acausal pretzel-twist in logic? Jung tried to account for an acausal factor with his notion of synchronicity, but it is hardly testable, though most of us notice meaningful coincidences all the time.

Even in clinical research, to name psi expression intentionality doesn't make it so. In actual fact, most of us can’t form enough intentionality to drink the amount of water the body needs each day or eat healthy. The unresolved New Year’s resolution is a truism.

What makes us think we can be more consistently intentional in the extradimensional? It is a ‘fantasy of intentionality,’ a subjective hypothesis that human intervention at some subtle level perturbs outcomes in some desirable manner. It might express our insecurity in an uncertain, uncontrollable world more than a physics process.

People often mystify their experiences unnecessarily when they don't have a more plausible explanation. It is endlessly interesting to speculate on, but the notion that the all-knowing nonlocal field identity exerts some influence over environment and personality may simply be mythopoesis, myth-making.

The real question is why do all cultures engage in mythopoeisis? Mythopoesis means change, re-mythologizing in times of cultural chaos. What I mean here is not a mis-spelling, but an amalgamation of mythopoesis or story-making and the autopoeitic self-organization of chaos theory; self-maintaining unity.

Nonlocal Intentions

Intentions may or may not exert a nonlocal organizing effect. They do when they mobilize effective action. Often the 'butterfly effect' of chaos theory is invoked for pumping holistic mental effects up to macro- proportions. But chaos theory doesn't organize through intentionality; just the opposite, by criticality.

Correlation is not identity. There is appearance being and process being, which correlate with particle/wave. We are both particle and field, and they are both complex, and may be analogous or metaphorically connected to the hypothesis of intentionality - but that doesn't make it real: it makes it a belief, an operational worldview. The ego somehow facilitating the holistic self to manifest is solipsistic, because the field self is in no way diminished even by negative thinking by personality.

If you think intentionality works for you, that is an interpretation, an arbitrary allocation of a cause to a perceived effect, which may be largely unrelated and/or statistically irrelevant. Once the narrative is "set", that becomes the story and the person zealously sticks to it, right or wrong. This is human nature and the nature of emotional investment. It may be the eternal human yen to create order from the fear and chaos of our lives and cleave to faith in the Great Beyond, whatever one thinks resides there.

A myriad of "brandable" new age technologies are based on non-scientific interpretations and confabulations of scientific theory. Though having its own organic root in metaphysics, new age tech has hijacked and romanticized the philosophical territory of psi research with its own prosaic interpretations. Because it makes a romantically appealing metaphor doesn't mean it matches up with naked Reality. Often incompatible physics theories are confounded together for the so-called explanations.

To get to the Truth we have to follow the age-old axiom to ‘Know Thyself,’ and be willing to engage in some conceptual atom-smashing of our cherished notions. Otherwise, one engages in a pre-conceived, self-confirmatory journey for validation not a Quest for knowledge.

Rather than extradimensional participation in some subtle physics process, it may just be another trick of the mind - in the end, nothing more than a concept that doesn't match up with nor describe Reality. Oh sure, intentionality may function mystically in some inaccessable parallel universe, or that could be just another mentally attractive perennial fantasy. Those most concerned with “changing the paradigm” may be among those most firmly attached to their own idiosyncratic interpretations.

If there are memes in our culture, there are strange attractors in our thought patterns, that can harden into fixed beliefs. The fact is we don't know, and anyone who charges you and says they do is either a fraud or self-deluded, or both. We are components of mythic culture which recursively regenerates itself in a network of self-similar productions.


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