Saint Germain

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Secret Code of Saint Germain

The Triangle Book of St. Germain

By Iona Miller, 3/2010




 Click here to peek inside at illustrations:


Masonic Secret of Longevity


Saint Germain had a secret that became a legacy of Manly Palmer Hall (MPH) and his Philosophical Research Society. It was his supreme treasure, which he kept safely hidden in his PRS vault. The two parchment cipher texts now reside in the Getty Research Institute, likewise deep in their library vaults.


This wisest adept in Europe reserved his greatest gift for his wisest companions. St. Germain recorded his version of "The Secret" for health, wealth and long life in his legendary TRIANGLE BOOK, and apparently made copies for his closest circle of initiates. But it seems the entire secret was never entrusted to a single individual, as the copies of the book are curiously not identical, containing different illustrations.


Since it is an Abramelin-style magical text, we might deduce that to properly work the ritual formulae in the book, the Emblems and Sigils it described are required. Is this why Manly Palmer Hall possessed two copies of the book, each with different glyphs? It begs the point, were there other copies with even more illustrations required to initiate the whole current -- to attain magical immortality?


What we know is that both St. Germain and Manly Palmer Hall lived to a ripe old age and remained mentally vibrant. Can this obscure arcane text -- one of the rarest occult manuscripts -- be the secret of their longevity? The book is allegedly Egyptian in origin. Hall can be seen with the book in a portrait, which appears as frontpiece in his Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians. See illustrations 


The text translation appears publically here with the formerly withheld 5 illustrations of the two copies. Even in the originals, it is difficult to make out the precise glyphs of the sigils, but arguably their magical potency is intact. Sigils and emblems often contain hidden meanings, since they are visual shorthand, which can be "read" for their symbolism. Carl Jung used this method as the traditional basis of his alchemically inspired psychology.


Secrets have a way of keeping themselves, even when hiding in plain sight. The quality of these reproductions is limited by the photographic slides of the originals. They were taken during the 1970s surreptitiously in the PRS vault. Today, PRS says the book is available to view as a photocopy or microfilm of the originals, which were sold at auction.The Getty says the originals are available for scholars.


St. Germain: “The Man Who Doesn’t Die”


St. Germain claimed to possess the secret of eternal youth, one of the two traditional goals of alchemy.  Sources such as Baron de Gleichen in Sourvenirs de Charles Hemri, baron de Gleichen (1868), claim St. Germain had the appearance of a man of between forty and fifty years old for a century. This effect promised by The Triangle Book: “3. To preserve one's health and prolong one's life for a century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of that age.”


The legendary Comte de St. Germain, “der Wundermann,” was an 18th century wonder-working adventurer. Little historical fact is known of this Hungarian Adept. A genius or charlatan, depending on your point of view, his life was wrapped in a fog of lore.  The Rosicrucians claim he was Sir Francis Bacon in a previous or perhaps even extended life. Theosophists and New Agers count him among the Ascended Masters. He is strongly linked with the Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Knights Templar. He could allegedly astral travel or bilocate and produced an elixir of youth.


The self-styled Count has shadowy origins and his birth and death dates are unknown, as is his true identity. Saint-Germain was thought to be the love child of the widow of Charles II of Spain, or a Sephardic Jew from Portugal, although Theosophists glorify him as the son of Francis Racoczi II, the prince of Transylvania. His birth is estimated around 1690-1710. Some believe he still lives. But he either died around age 80-94, or pretended to die on February 27, 1784 in the German court of Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel, a fellow alchemist. His longevity is in close accord with the 100-year lifespan goal of The Triangle Book, give or take a decade.


Calling him “the man that doesn’t die,” many continued to insist that the jewel-trading Count was very much alive. Freemason documents indicate that he represented French Masons at a meeting in 1785. Madame de Genlis claimed to have seen him in Vienna in 1821. Several travelers in the 1800's were sure they saw the miracle worker in the Far East and other parts of the world.  Theosophist Madame Blavatsky said that she met the Count in 1896, incarnated as a "Master," or spiritual leader. In 1930 Guy W. Ballard, hiking in northern California, claimed to meet the Ascended Master on the side of Mount Shasta in his book Unveiled Mysteries (1934). He established the Saint Germain Foundation.


Fluent in all European languages, the Count’s aliases included: Christian Rosenkreutz, Prince Rakoczi, Marquis de Montferrat, Count Bellamare in Venice, Chevalier Schoening in Pisa, Cevalier Weldon in Milan, Count Soltikoff in Genoa, and Count Tazarogy in Schwalbach. This polymath was a great entertainer, both as conversationalist and concert level violinist who composed music. Playing by ear, he improvised freely on the piano. The savant was a talented painter, enchanting linguist, charming diplomat and skilled pharmacist or chemist, as well as alchemist.


Relating events of centuries past, the Count would deliberately lead credulous listeners to believe that he had been present. "These fools of Parisians believe that I am five hundred years old," he once remarked to a friend. "I confirm them in this idea because I see that it gives them much pleasure — not that I am not infinitely older than I appear." He attributed his youthful appearance in part to his sobriety and a diet mostly of oatmeal, (Magre).


In 1743 he was reported in London, accused of spying for the Stuarts. He went to France for England. There he taught Count Cagliostro the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry. Around 1748,  Louis XV employed him as a spy several times. Around 1760 he was forced to leave.


We can presume he would have learned all the cipher methods of Sir Francis Bacon during his London visits, both for his secret societies and for espionage. New American Cyclopædia xiv. 266 says: "He is supposed to have been employed during the greater part of his life as a spy at the courts at which he resided."


By 1762 he was in St. Petersburg, meddling in the conspiracy to make Catherine the Great Queen of Russia. After returning to Paris in 1770, he prophesied the French Revolution to Marie Antoinette and her friend, Madame d'Adhémar, who wrote a story of his abilities as an Adept. Then he traveled through Germany, eventually dwelling in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.


The Count was an international spy, ringleader of secret societies, enlightened visionary and proponent of U.S. freedom, urging on the Founding Fathers, including Washington and Franklin, in their faltering moments. He worked behind the scenes for a United States of Europe. He carried much of Sir Frances Bacon's agenda and political philosophy forward in a rapidly changing world, ratifying the magical current of Roger Bacon, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, and himself.


Tales from the Cryptogram


Even the shape of the book itself is a code-- a downward-pointing triangle which means 'water' in the alchemical language. It describes that the rite gives one the ability to raise all things submerged since the Great Flood, implying that this ‘watery’ book itself is a kind of sea which contains sunken treasures that can resurface through magical means.


The other element missing from view has been the cryptographic key to the cipher text. It is highly possible that other secrets remain "buried" in the text for those astute enough to "dive deeply" or "mine" this metaphysical database, following the less literal and more psychological reading of the text. Surely the surface text is just the tip of the alchemical iceberg.


One might immediately suspect even the Latin title page itself, which promises this is a great gift for the author’s wisest companions. Even the French text itself may be riddled with undiscovered ciphers, for St. Germain is known to have encoded secrets in up to eight languages at once -- mixing them together freely to further conceal their treasure. Some godnames in this work are backward, an elementary cipher – thus, IANODA is ADONAI (thrashraq technique of alphanumeric reversal).


The cryptographic text could still potentially conceal a variety of ciphers that should be explored as possibilities: simple substitution ciphers, key ciphers, wheel ciphers, Hermetic and qabbalistic ciphers, number codes, etc.  A plethora of crypto methods were in common use at the time the Count either wrote the book, or transcribed it from an ancient text in his possession.  The later is certainly possible because of the claim of Egyptian origins and its preservation in Asia, as described at the beginning of the translation.


The Code of Saint Germain


The unusual triangular shape of the book itself implies the Three Principles of alchemy -- Salt, Mercury and Sulphur -- body, soul and spirit. The upright triangle is a symbol of fire; reversed of water; and interlaced is the union of opposites, also known as the Star of David. The triangle form could also suggest a triple meaning for the contents of the book: alchemical, kabbalistic and Hermetic. It is a recipe not only for experiencing a symbol in one's inner world but also for manifesting it in reality, for becoming a living embodiment of Spirit.


The triangle is a 2-d representation of a pyramid, a virtual resurrection machine. There are 20 triangular faces in an icosahedron, eight in an octahedron, four in a tetrahedron, etc. The triangle, or tetrahedron is the geometric basis of all forms. Precious stones exhibit crystal structures.  When the book is open, it makes a diamond shape, which is the 2-d form of the octahedron -- the basic crystal structure of diamond. The atomic structure of the diamond, face-centered cubic close pack, is related to the alchemical squaring of the circle.


The Tetrahedron is the most basic shape to be found in the three dimensional universe of volume. The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is actually two tetrahedrons interlocked to form a three-dimensional Star of David.  The configuration is formed within the first eight cells of life. The Star Tetrahedron also models the energetic body of the human being, the blending of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female. It was called ‘Merkaba’ in the esoteric knowledge of Ancient Egypt.


Sign of the Winged Dragon


In legend, the Philosopher's Stone is kept in the custody of the reawakened Dragon, the Adept who fully inhabits his or her Body of Light. Alchemy itself is a triple process of uniting the physical, psychological and spiritual. In Masonry, each line of the triangle itself symbolizes a kingdom of nature -- mineral, vegetable and animal. They stand for explorations the Master Mason needs for a complete education.


All these points may be clues to the nature of the "winged dragon" of the title page of The Triangle Book. In alchemy it is a symbol of the volatile elements. Appearing as a symbol of coagulatio in other alchemy texts, it suggests the pandemonium of psychic images. Psychologically, the dragon is the union of ordinary human reality with the Transpersonal Self and a passion for transformation. Some now say it is a symbol of DNA or the kundalini energy. Thus, it is a symbol of the Great Work.


This winged dragon is the symbolic superstar of The Triangle Book. In The Book of Lambspring, it represents the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World, which is the sum total of planetary existence -- the holographic blueprint on which form is based, the informational level or primal source of being. It is said that medicine providing the gift of youth can be made from its venom.


So, the dragon is a healing power. The spiritual food of immortality signifies the ability of the ego to assimilate the previously unconscious aspects of the Self. This is the elixir of youth that creates the immortal body, equivalent to the Philosopher's Stone. The invocation with powerful godnames is combined with the dragon emblem to initiate the current. The rite couldn't be practiced without the Emblems and Sigils.


The “I” in the Triangle


In alchemy, things are never what they seem, having layer upon layer of symbolic and cryptographic meaning. Anyone who finds the surface content of THE TRIANGLE BOOK disappointing, likely hasn't gone deep enough. If escaping persecution wasn't persuasive enough reason to encode one's alchemical knowledge, it also provided a veil from the profane, the uninitiated.


To really Know, To Will, To Dare, and Keep Silent requires making the alchemical experiment oneself -- that is the meaning of the "I" in the Triangle. The secret is in the power and the power is in the secret, because it is an experiential process and cannot be conveyed in any other way.


In Jungian metaphor sunken treasure and buried diamonds or precious stones of the wise are submerged in our psyches, waiting to be drawn up to consciousness. Retrieval of these lost or hidden treasures means tapping the wisdom of the collective unconscious and its primordial images.


Recovering Sunken Treasure


Water is transformative, the agent of metamorphosis linked to the alchemical operation of Solutio. The Earth is linked to the operation of Coagulatio. Therefore, we are reminded of the alchemical maxim "Solve et Coagula", the union of opposites. It is the formula for giving birth to a new life form, half organic and half spiritual. Only that which has first been separated can be properly rejoined.


Solutio, dissolving a solid into a liquid form, is a prerequisite for magical rebirth, a source of regeneration. In solutio, you reunite the powers of Above and Below, integrating spiritual powers for direction. It is continual meditation on the contents arising spontaneously from the depths of your psyche, then grounding them in day-to-day experience. This operation heals the split between the physical and spiritual. Only the best qualities of the ego survive. The Self, the Stone becomes the new center of personality.


Mining the Subconscious


The Rosicrucian motto V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Visita Interiorem Terrae Rectificandoque / Invenies Occultum Lapidem) is a code that urges us to "Visit the interior of the earth and… you will find the secret stone." It suggests we mine our own depths.


This grounding is also a move into manifestation based in spiritual depth. Paradoxically, Vitriol was the most important liquid in alchemy. All other reactions are contained or take place in it. In chemical terms, it is sulphuric acid.


St. Germain's text suggests we mine diamonds, gold and silver. The diamond is a symbol of the perfected Self, the higher Self. It is equivalent to the sacred geometry contained in the Diamond Body -- the Merkabah of the Kabbalists.


The precious metals, gold and silver represent the alchemical opposites of Sun and Moon, respectively -- archetypal male and female energy, the yang and yin of alchemy. Sol/Gold stands for Light, Fire, Red, Sulpher, the Red Lion and The King. Luna/Silver is dark, left, water, white, mercury, The Queen and the White Eagle.


Luna is the Lesser Work of Alchemy – therapeutic clearing of the personality or work of the Soul. Sol is the Greater Work of the Spirit. The philosophical Gold, like the Lapis or Stone is a symbol of the goal of alchemical transmutation from mundane Lead of the merely physical body.


Thus, we have the injunction to perform the rite when sun, earth and moon are in conjunction, when Sun and Moon are one...or "married" in alchemical terms. It could indicate an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon, which sometimes occur during such alignments.




The alchemists wrote using symbols, the universal language. Great truths are often taught using symbolism, parables or metaphor, which can be interpreted on many different levels.


All of the outer procedures have an inner correspondent, so they describe inner experiences as well as those in the chemical laboratory. This is the Hermetic Law: "As above; so below. As without; so within." The first goal is to find the Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of Life, the Key to Immortality. Then, the Stone is applied to the lead, or man himself, to change it into gold, or the immortal self.


The method is the harmonizing of duality. Alchemy is not a religious, metaphysical. nor ethical pursuit. It looks on the play of the powers of the Soul from a purely cosmological point of view, treating the soul as a ‘substance' to be purified, dissolved and crystallized anew.


Presto Manifesto


St. Germain was an alchemist renown for his longevity and youthful appearance. Alchemy begins and ends in the quest for eternal life. It is a spiritual technology of rebirth using natural methods that in their effect transcend nature by amplifying that which is immortal within us. It does not exist in nature but must be prepared by Art. Art is a form of manifesting, making and objectifying the world - spiritual physics.


Artists and mystics are aware of their own internal space and thus able to enter it, playing the mindbody like a musical instrument. Looking inside, they see the true nature of reality and can express that literally and symbolically. We all possess the creative potential. All creative acts are a marriage of spirit and matter, reaching down into the body as the source of our essential being and becoming.


Today, we might describe this resonance as accessing energy that regenerates the mindbody. Healing is an aspect of creativity; nature is within and without us. The Magus does not dominate reality but develops embodied psychophysical equilibrium, clarity, wisdom and compassion.


Creative work originates in the body and is projected out into the world. The projections are then internalized into awareness. The bodymind of the artist is an alchemical vessel containing the creative flux and lux during the process of transformation.


Awareness and consciousness form a continuous alchemical movement. The creative gold is generated and embodied in the alembic of the mindbody. The mindbody is the same substance as the Cosmos and contains and reveals its mysteries.


Reality is a Brilliant Disguise


The real-world quantum vacuum is permeated by the unobservable zero-point field with its ceaseless electromagnetic waves. Since it is everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to it. It blinds us to its brilliant presence yet this cler light is our cosmic root.


A background sea of quantum light filling the universe exists. That light generates a force that opposes acceleration when you push on any material object. That is why matter seems to be the solid, stable stuff that makes up ourselves and the world. The underlying realm of light is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe. The quantum vacuum contains all possible quanta and the laws of nature in a latent undifferentiated state, the undifferentiated plenum of all potential.


Vacuum Genesis


From the perspective of a beam of light the universe appears quite different. The laws of relativity are clear on this point. If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space would shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant.


In the reference frame of light, there is no space and time…only virtual eternity. We are entangled with the initial point of Cosmic Zero. This is the mystical unified field theory. Consciousness is Light. In this sense we are truly immortal but rarely realize it.


Inner Light of Spacetime


Alchemy reduces all to this first state, the ground state of being - original experience that is timeless, infinite. The classical Void, the quantum vacuum is a carrier of information.  It is an energy sea underlying all spacetime, which is the primary reality. Matter appears from interactions within this matter generating virtual energy field.


Living systems co-evolve with the quantum vacuum, the groundstate and source of matter. Life evolves in a sacred feedback system between interconnected entities and the subquantal field. Mind/matter evolved from the zero-point cosmic womb, and through this common source connects with all. We are in a resonant loop with our complex environment and not actually separate from it. Intentionality propagates and can receive subtle patterns.


The energy body or the field body, along with the scalars of our holographic blueprint, connect us directly with the negentropic potential of the zero-point field. Radiant light literally emerges from this mystic void. Primordial structuring processes are common to both psyche and matter, working in the gap or empty interval between intention and action.


So, alchemy refines the way the mindbody generates and processes inherent light as medicine. It refines the aspirant's ability for tapping and amplifying Medicine Light. This primordial state is the luminous ground of our being, hidden deep in the heart of things.


All other goals are subordinate to this prime directive which includes meditative techniques for continuing consciousness after death. This Philosopher's Stone is also the Universal Medicine, the regenerative Elixir of Life. The greatest mystery is Life After Death: we don't die but continue in transcendent form. This is the secret of man and nature.




Le Livre Triangulaire du Comte de Saint-Germain


 La magie sainte a indiqué à Moïse découvert dans un monument égyptien et précieusement préservé en Asie sous l'emblème d'un dragon à ailes.

1. Trouver des choses a perdu dans les mers depuis l'inondation du globe.

2. Pour découvrir des mines et des diamants, or et argent dans les entrailles de la terre.

3. Pour préserver sa santé et prolonger sa vie pendant un siècle, et cela avec la fraîcheur de cinquante ans, et la force de cet âge.

Vous devriez faire vos opérations pour les deux premiers objets seulement quand le soleil, la terre, et la lune sont trouvés dans la conjonction dans la même ligne, et dans le même avion. Quant au tiers émerveillez-vous, vous pouvez effectuer l'opération à tout moment, mais il est nécessaire de continuer votre personne une figure comme cela que vous voyez ici.

Vous prendrez un vase approprié (fait de tout matériel) et le remplirez de feu que vous exorcizerez de la façon suivante :

Créature de O du feu, excorcise de I vous par lui par qui toutes les choses ont été faites pour que vous enleviez de vous-même tous les fantômes.

Bénissez lui, le père éternel de O, pour la gloire du nom thy saint et d'immortel. Thou qui vit et règne par tous les siècles des centures.

Un Levite que vous aurez avec vous répondra : AMEN. Après, vous bénirez l'encens et quatre lampes de la façon suivante : Dieu éternel de O, être souverain, bénissent cet encens et ces lampes pour que leur force et leur vertu augmentent la crainte de leurs ennemis, ces elles peuvent ne pas entrer ci-dessus. Thou qui vit et règne par tous les siècles des siècles. Votre Levite répond : AMEN.

Vous verserez cet encens ainsi béni sur le feu et allumerez les lampes avant vos opérations. Le petit cercle concentrique est la place que vous prendrez pendant ces opérations. L'autre cercle qui est ci-dessous est l'endroit à occuper par votre Levite ; vous serez plaqué comme en jours des cérémonies sacrificatoires. Lors d'écrire votre cercle vous aurez dans votre main gauche la figure suivante. Votre Levite vous suivra en portant les caractères de la révélation.

Quand vous serez arrivé à l'endroit destiné, vous donnerez de nouveau à vous Levite la figure avec laquelle vous êtes entré ; puis le Levite ayant occupé le sien, vous bénirez son cercle en prononçant ces mots sacrés :

NOTAMARGATET, -- bénissez que cercle -- le bénissent YANODA -- le bénissent MIOLE -- bénissez- quel'alag -- bénissez-l'aothio -- le bénissent SORIDIS -- blesws il APHAL -- le bénissent AGEMO, le bénissent THOBASSA -- bénissez-l'arif -- le bénissent BADORA, le thou qui vit et règne par tous les siècles des siècles. Votre Levite répondra AMEN.

Après vous appellerez les spiritueux à qui j'ai donné la puissance de présider au cours des heures de la nuit en débutant du côté où le soleil se lève, dire : LEAMAN, LECIAB, LATRANAVIO, RIBRAL, TELARO.


Du côté le plus élevé du cercle : ELIA, ELINA, AMIGABIREL.

Du plus bas côté du cercle : PEDINBAD, FIALECHAM, CHARSIEL.

Vous ferez alors l'invocation suivante du côté où le soleil se lève, prosterné sur la terre :

Nous appelons vous YALATINA, et LEMIROT, LESIAB, et TELAR, HERIBAG et ARNAVIO, TRABA et ARIOT, ANIEL et LEDIMAT, YANAEL et CALMAS, LEASO et VIANOEL ; nous vous commandons par lui par qui toutes les choses ont été faites et par tous les autres noms de l'ÉTERNEL, et par ces derniers :

IANODA, EL MIHOLES, HOLAE MEBOTH, NOLICSAZ, et NOTAMMARGATEL qui est le seigneur God ont exalté avant vous et ont représenté invisiblement près de ce cercle ; faites-moi savoir par une inspiration juste si vous me jugez être fini par la pureté de mon âme -- les endroits où il y a des mines des diamants, de l'or, et de l'argent, ceux qui trouvent des choses précieuses perdues dans les mers -- pour prolonger ma vie dans la santé et cela pendant un siècle -- j'invite ces faveurs pour être accordé sans encourir le danger, le risque, ou le péril, par Y et V qu'Adam a compris, par le nom AGLA pour la conservation du sort et de sa famille du feu de Sodom et de Gemorrha. Par le Joth nommé, pour l'affranchissement de Jacob de la persécution de son frère. Par ceux de SOIGAD, de YANADA, de THEOS ou de NOTAMMARGATET, et par les autres noms de l'ALL-POWERFUL qui vraiment vit et règne. Telle est la volonté de lui qui a créé tous, et dont l'empire supporte par tous les siècles des siècles.

Votre Levite répondra : AMEN.

Vous placerez sur votre tête avec votre main gauche la figure que vous avez donnée à votre Levite ; alors si votre âme est pure, il sera exalté. Vous vous sentirez à inspirer ; vous prêterez une oreille attentive toute à cela que les spiritueux aériens chuchoteront, ayant le soin pour tracer de droite à gauche d'un plat en laiton les caractères inspirés qui ; vous bénirez avec ces mots :

Béni Soyez PAO.

THEOS. Vous pouvez communiquer ces choses à aucune personne parce que vous rendriez indigne ma générosité divine et vous n'auriez pas le succès pour lequel vous avez obtenu l'espoir.

Vous prendrez alors la figure qui était sur votre tête avec la même main ; alors la tenant des deux mains et se prosternant dans l'adoration vous prononcerez ces caractères :

Au nom de l'éternel mon Dieu, maître vrai de mon corps, mon âme, et mon esprit, entrent, entrent dans la paix ; retirez que vous pouvez m'accompagner toujours, et soyez jamais prêt à venir quand je vous appellerai.




En anglais :

The Triangle Manuscript of the Comte de Saint-Germain

 The holy magic indicated to Moses discovered in an Egyptian monument and preciously preserved in Asia under the emblem of a dragon with wings.

1. To find things lost in the seas since the flood of the sphere.

2. To discover mines and diamonds, gold and money in the entrails of the ground.

3. To preserve its health and to prolong its life during one century, and that with the fifty years freshness, and this age forces it.

You should make your operations for the first two objects only when the sun, ground, and the moon are found in the conjunction in the same line, and the same plane. As for the thirds you fill with wonder, you can carry out the operation constantly, but it is necessary to continue your person a figure as that which you see here.

You will take a suitable vase (made of any material) and will fill it of fire which you will exorcizerez in the following way:

Creature of O of fire, excorcise of I you by him by which all the things were made so that you remove yourself all the phantoms.

Bless him, the our Heavenly Father of O, for the glory of the holy name thy and of immortal. Thou which lives and reigns by every century of centures.

Levite that you will have with you will answer: AMEN. Afterwards, you will bless the incense and four lamps in the following way: God eternal of O, sovereign being, bless this incense and these lamps so that their force and their virtue increase the fear of their enemies, these they can not enter above. Thou which lives and reigns by every century of the centuries.

 Your Levite Answers: AMEN. You will pour this incense thus blessed on fire and will light the lamps before your operations. The small concentric circle is the place which you will take during these operations. The other circle which is below is the place to be occupied by your Levite; you will be plated as in days of the sacrificial ceremonies. At the time writing your circle you will have in your left hand the following figure. Your Levite will follow you while carrying the characters of the revelation.

When you arrive at the intended place, you will again give to you Levite the figure with which you entered; then Levite having occupied to it his, you will bless his circle by pronouncing these crowned words:

NOTAMARGATET, -- bless that circle -- bless YANODA -- MIOLE bless -- bless quel' alag -- bless-the aothio -- bless SORIDIS -- blesws it APHAL -- bless AGEMO, bless it THOBASSA -- bless-the arif -- bless BADORA, the thou which saw and reigns by every century of the centuries. Your Levite Will answer AMEN.

After will call you the spirits which I gave the power to chair during hours of the night while beginning on the side where the sun rises, statement: LEAMAN, LECIAB, LATRANAVIO, RIBRAL, TELARO.


The highest side of the circle: ELIA, ELINA, AMIGABIREL.

Low side of the circle: PEDINBAD, FIALECHAM, CHARSIEL.

You will then make the following invocation on the side where the sun rises, prostrate on the ground:

We call you YALATINA, and LEMIROT, LESIAB, and TELAR, HERIBAG and ARNAVIO, TRABA and ARIOT, ANIEL and LEDIMAT, YANAEL and CALMED, LEASO and VIANOEL; we order you by him by whom all the things were made and by all the other names of the ETERNAL, and by the latter:

IANODA, EL MIHOLES, HOLAE MEBOTH, NOLICSAZ, and NOTAMMARGATEL which are the God lord exalté before you and represented invisibly close to this circle; let know to me by an inspiration right if you consider to me being finished by the purity of my heart -- the places where there are mines of diamonds, gold, and money, those which find things invaluable lost in the seas -- to prolong my life in health and that during one century -- I invite these favours to be granted without incurring the danger, the risk, or the danger, by Y and V that Adam included/understood, by name AGLA for the conservation of the fate and of his family of the fire of Sodom and Gemorrha. By named Joth, for the stamping from Jacob of the persecution of his brother. By those of SOIGAD, YANADA, THEOS or NOTAMMARGATET, and by the other names of the ALL-POWERFUL which really saw and reigns. Such is the will of him which created all, and whose empire supports by every century of the centuries.

Your Levite Will answer: AMEN.

You will place on your head with your left hand the figure which you gave to your Levite; then if your heart is pure, it is exalté. You will feel to inspire; you will very lend an ear attentive with that that the air spirits will whisper, having the care to trace of right-hand side on the left of a brass dish the characters inspired which; you will bless with these words:

Blessed Be PAO.

THEOS. You can communicate these things with no person because you would return makes indignant my divine generosity and you would not have the success for which you obtained the hope.

You will then take the figure which was on your head with the same hand; then holding it of the two hands and prosternant themselves in the worship you will pronounce these characters:

In the name of the eternal my God, main true of my body, my heart, and my spirit, enter, enter peace; withdraw that you can always accompany me, and are never ready to come when I call you.